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SIOE welcome one new SIOE country and four new presidents

Bratislav Zivkovic, president of SIOE Serbia

Bratislav Zivkovich, president of SIOE Serbia

SIOE is very happy to welcome Serbia into SIOE and we are especially happy to present the new president of SIOE Serbia mr. Bratislav Zivkovic.
In the beginning of next week we will bring an interview with Bratislav Zivkovic.

SIOE Bulgaria have lost its leader Pavel Chernev who passed away ½ year ago. He will replaced by a shared leadership of two new presidents of SIOE Bulgaria, Jivko Ivanov and Vladimir Simeonov.
They will also be presented in another article next week.

Finally we have a new president in SIOE Faroe Islands, Petur Klein. He will be presented as well in a later article.


Invitation to SIOE demonstration in Denmark


Picture from Close the border demonstration

Stop Islamisation of Denmark demonstrated together with other groups on the Danish/German borders 4 times in the autumn/winter for closing the border for muslim migrants.

2 times we managed to literally close the border symbolic in 5-10 minutes to send a signal to our useless politicians. See video here from Closing the Danish/German border:

The 3 last times we have been at the border we have had no media coverage from MSM. A member of the lying press has told Anders Gravers that they do it by purpose because they know a lot of people will support our wish to get the borders closed for muslim migrants.

Last time we made the demonstration at the Padborg border there were suddenly a lot of Danish Police who together with German autonomous and German grandmothers for peace (from Flensburg) stopped us from closing the border. That’s why SIOE invite people from other European countries to the Danish border at Kruså for supporting – the Danish SIOE chapter SIAD. We hope to see many German, Dutch, Polish and other European people who have the same wish to close the borders for muslim migrants. We need to stand together in this dark moment for Europe.

Demonstration Meeting Place: The parking lot at Flensborgvej 13B, Kruså (Krusau) – access from Madeskovvej)

Time: January 9th, at 1 pm-3 pm

Contact information:
Telephone: +45 96771784  +45 24892441
FB: in a private message


Islamic State militants enter Europe on “refugee” boats

If you belong to those people who was convinced for the last few months that the refugee boats from Libya and Syria are full of Islamic State terrorists, then you will know that people will have accused you of having “extreme” views and only seeing Islamic extremism everywhere.


We have written about it a few times here. IS is heading for Italy and WILL come in large numbers to Europe to terrorise our countries. It has nothing to do with an “extreme” opinion but just logical thinking.

As the story finally hits the mainstream news today on BBC it becomes painfully clear that the terrorists are coming. They are saying it to our medias faces even and the leaders of Europe seem to be welcoming them as no serious action is taken against the migrant crisis or IS. We’ll just have to watch whilst the invasion develops. Even more reason to protect our small communities and stick together in order to save our values and children’s future.

Samantha Herron

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Invasion of Europe – Split opinions in the EU as some call for military action against refugee crisis



Military action should probably have been taken a long time ago when the world leaders decided not to intervene in the middle-east to tackle ISIS. The tactics have backfired as more and more refugee migrants are coming cross the Mediterranean to Europe and with them Islamic terrorists and extremists.

Most EU politicians still happily invite more migrants to come over with the plan being to spread them evenly across Europe . This offers extremists and terrorists the perfect opportunity to create a network across Europe even quicker and whilst the European leaders want to believe they are doing something good and humanitarian, they are actually endangering the security of their own countries and people.

Few however are asking for military action to fight the crisis but the plans seems to be stuck before they even developed. Ms Mogherini (EU foreign policy chief) has demanded an “exceptional” response to tackle the crisis using military action.


Ms. Mogherini demands military response

Britain, France, Lithuania and Spain are working with Italy to find a solution backing the plan using military action. These seem to be not enough supporters already though as Russia strongly opposes the proposal of tackling the mass immigration right now with military response saying “this is a step too far”.

Is Russia trying to please a radical Muslim terrorist network? What else could be their motivation to see Europe invaded by terrorists, if not money.

Samantha Herron

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Muslim radicalisation and invasion in our schools

Islamic Radicalisation in our schools has been a topic for a long time. Whether it’s banning pork meat, Peppa Pig comics or promoting Jihad and Sharia laws the list goes on. A hot spot for these problems is Birmingham:


“any headteacher who teaches my children it’s alright to be gay will be at the end of my shotgun’.”

Muslims have been threatening teachers and presenting them with dead pets after they discussed homosexuality with the kids at school. We happen to live in a country where equality is a normal thing and homophobia is not acceptable. There is space for everybody who wants to live peacefully and respects British values. The freedom to be ourselves is gradually being robbed by Muslim extremists who want to enforce Sharia law at school, the most vulnerable of all places.

Our society has worked hard to achieve equality for everybody. Women and men of any background. Islam extremism is taking these values away from us. Children are learning the opposite at school because their extreme school mates tell them it’s wrong to be free and equal. Teachers have to restrict their freedom of speech.

We must not stop teaching our children the values of freedom and equality. We must ban any kind of extremism from our countries. If equality isn’t one of your values, this country may just not be the right place for you.

By Samantha Herron


Under attack by Islamic Extremists – The invasion has begun


It is no news to any of our readers as we have mentioned before Italy is getting invaded by Islamic Militants through Libya. It seems the most obvious way of getting access to Europe, yet no politicians in Europe seem to find it necessary to take military action. Is it just me or are they ignoring the elephant in the room? Italy is the port of Europe from North Africa and if they don’t stop the invasion and protect the rest of our continent we will soon live under Sharia Law.

Our countries and continent have been traded in by our bribed politicians. Over and over again do we hear that these poor refugees have to come over to Europe and need help. In the mean time the Islamic “refugees” start religious hatred fights on board of their boats and kill Christians! They hate us, they hate Christians. These are people who are looked at as “normal Muslims” who need help. We offer them money and a place to live. It is suicide. It can not get any more obvious – we are loosing our freedom.

In my eyes we are at the probably most critical stage Europe has faced yet. And just because politicians and the media don’t want to talk about it, people are not taking the attack seriously. But we are under attack by Islamic Extremism.

By Samantha Herron



Seized fishing boat


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LATEST NEWS: Al-Shabaab terrorist attack kills up to 150 students in Kenya


Another awful terrorist attack has just happened in Kenya with 150 students feared dead. The militant Islamic Extremist group Al-Shabaab claims responsibility.

The terrorists have been dealt with, all four are dead. However the terror in Africa is worse than ever with Islam destroying another great continent bit by bit.

The war against terrorism will never stop.

Follow the latest updates on any news website for example HERE


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Illegal Syrian immigrants caught entering England today

Didn’t I just write yesterday about Islamic Extremists moving across Europe? And many of us discussed online and cynically joked about all of them entering England as it seems to be the most popular of all countries in Europe to start some sort of Islamic Radicalism. Having said this, there is many more heavily affected like Denmark, France and Germany.


Back to the story..folkstone-syrians_3251923b

The good thing about them? They’re not very clever like these guys who didn’t get the concept of disguise

11 illegal Syrian immigrants were stupid enough to be caught on one of our motorways in England today. Without a doubt our state will spend plenty of tax money on them keeping them in custody and eventually granting them some sort of residence in England. And the government’s propaganda machine will without a doubt tell us that they are poor asylum seekers who need our help. The usual “people of Europe, be tolerant and welcome the terrorists!”.

And it got me thinking – wasn’t the UK government incredibly stupid paying for the Eurotunnel making the entry into the UK so much easier for anybody who fancies to stay for a bit and spread hate, terror and essentially Islam Radicalism? They wanted it this way, now they get the full lot of it.


Fancy illegal entry into the UK? Hitch a ride…

By Samantha Herron

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Islamic Extremists moving across Europe – Turkey closes borders


With apparently “solid intelligence” in hand Turkey has closed two of its border crossings from Syria. Lately Turkey and its borders has only been on the news because of the many Europeans leaving for Syria to fight for Islamic State. It seems to be an easy way to illegally travel to Syria (it should be legal really as I welcome anybody who is in Europe and supports Islamic Extremists to go away and die in Syria or Iraq or elsewhere). Whilst the traffic towards east is obviously very welcome to us, it isn’t in the opposite direction.


With Turkey starting to close its borders I wonder how much longer it can take for Greece and especially Italy to follow suit? Having said this though, obviously no border will stop any Islamic Extremist from trying to conquer the whole world as this is what the Koran tells them to do. But by leaving the most vulnerable borders open Europe basically invites such people in. Still. And not just that – we still quite happily pay them benefits and support their extremism and terror with “multiculturalism” and “political correctness”.

Racist Europe_jpg

Europe will be political correct until it has gone down. It is an insane and self-destructive policy to keep the Islamic Extremists happy forbidding people to oppose them or challenge them because they might feel offended. Europe is on a suicide mission with its bribed politicians hungry for the Islamic money.

By Samantha Herron

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Theresa May UK politician opposes Islam Extremism – is it enough to stop the invasion?

When I saw the headlines about our conservative politician Theresa May speaking out against Islam Extremists in the UK I couldn’t help but feeling a bit critical. We are moving towards the general election and politicians tend to get a bit excited during this time, promising things which will never happen. We all know the story. BUT (yes there is a “but”) I was probably somewhat wrong. We don’t know if the Conservatives would actually act upon their promises and it’s not what I want to discuss. The “but” here is much more about the big set of balls this woman has got.

theresa may

It didn’t take the Islamic Extremists 24 hours to pose death threats upon her. Mind, she’s a major politician and making the following statements takes some courage: (source)


  • “banning orders” for groups which do not reach the current threshold to be outlawed under terrorism laws
  • a “positive campaign to promote British values” to the public
  • a review of supplementary schools, which are currently unregulated
  • HM Inspectorate of Constabulary reviewing how police forces have responded to “honour crimes”, female genital mutilation and forced marriage
  • new “extremism officer” roles in prisons to deal with extremist inmates and gangs
  • a “full review of citizenship law” to make sure successful applicants respect British values
  • a “sharp reduction” in funding for translation services and a “significant increase” in money for English language training

I know we all agree, it shouldn’t take courage to make these statements. It should be normal, it shouldn’t even be points that need action. But in the real world, the UK and especially England is highly Islamized and we are fighting a very real war. Seeing politicians taking some effort to crack down on Islamization is great.

Boris Johnson the Mayor of London. is another great figure who slowly but surely speaks out against Islam Extremism in the UK.

Is it enough? No. Clearly not. But we shouldn’t always moan and complain. Politics are highly complex and it takes a lot of tactics to bring in change if you are surrounded by enemies. Most countries in Europe are in the process of being islamized, are in the process of being invaded. Britain has been invaded and islamized a long time ago. We are working on breaking free from these chains. We should support every little step that leads in this right direction, even if it doesn’t seem enough at the moment. No matter what kind of group or politician as long as the goal is to stop Islam Extremism we are in the same boat.

By Samantha Herron