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Illegal Syrian immigrants caught entering England today

Didn’t I just write yesterday about Islamic Extremists moving across Europe? And many of us discussed online and cynically joked about all of them entering England as it seems to be the most popular of all countries in Europe to start some sort of Islamic Radicalism. Having said this, there is many more heavily affected like Denmark, France and Germany.


Back to the story..folkstone-syrians_3251923b

The good thing about them? They’re not very clever like these guys who didn’t get the concept of disguise

11 illegal Syrian immigrants were stupid enough to be caught on one of our motorways in England today. Without a doubt our state will spend plenty of tax money on them keeping them in custody and eventually granting them some sort of residence in England. And the government’s propaganda machine will without a doubt tell us that they are poor asylum seekers who need our help. The usual “people of Europe, be tolerant and welcome the terrorists!”.

And it got me thinking – wasn’t the UK government incredibly stupid paying for the Eurotunnel making the entry into the UK so much easier for anybody who fancies to stay for a bit and spread hate, terror and essentially Islam Radicalism? They wanted it this way, now they get the full lot of it.


Fancy illegal entry into the UK? Hitch a ride…

By Samantha Herron