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SIOE welcome one new SIOE country and four new presidents

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Bratislav Zivkovic, president of SIOE Serbia

Bratislav Zivkovich, president of SIOE Serbia

SIOE is very happy to welcome Serbia into SIOE and we are especially happy to present the new president of SIOE Serbia mr. Bratislav Zivkovic.
In the beginning of next week we will bring an interview with Bratislav Zivkovic.

SIOE Bulgaria have lost its leader Pavel Chernev who passed away ½ year ago. He will replaced by a shared leadership of two new presidents of SIOE Bulgaria, Jivko Ivanov and Vladimir Simeonov.
They will also be presented in another article next week.

Finally we have a new president in SIOE Faroe Islands, Petur Klein. He will be presented as well in a later article.

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