SIOE – Stop Islamisation of Europe

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SIOE launch a new campaign: CRACK the CANCER ISLAM.

The cancer islam is destroing the whole EU from within. SIOE wants to stop it. In order to stop it we need to remove the insane politicians who allow islam to have a foothold on European ground.

We start in Denmark because the insanity of the Danish politicians now is obvious to the whole world, and then we will launch the campaign to the rest of Europe. We need to replace the insane politicians with politicians who understand how to deal with islam.

The Danish branch of SIOE, Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark will be in the streets of all mayor cities through 2015 to give people all over Denmark the right information about islam. If we want a democratic replacement of the insane politicians people need to know the truth about islam. In addition we will use the campaign to gather people to a massive demonstration later in Copenhagen.

We need funds for materials, leaflets, posters, banners, newspaper ads, etc. Donate to SIAD a greater or smaller amount to this important campaign for the survival of Denmark.

IBAN: DK5193464580116774

Mark your donation “SIOE Campaign 2015”

Here just one example out of many of the insanity of our politicians: