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I’m so fed up with Jihadi John

Lets face it knowing the name of just another extremist muslim isn’t going to change anything. People just live to have a face and name they can point their finger at. It makes them feel better because once Jihadi John has been captured or killed most people will feel at peace  again. The bad guy has gone, the problem is solved.


Here at SIOE we have ben fighting islamization for many years. We have seen so many names come and go. Luckily the islamic extremists have struggled  over the last years to stick to one leader. Maybe because their internal friction driven by greed and ego has led to too many fights, who knows.

Pointing our finger at Jihadi John and flooding the media with news about this one person won’t do any good. It just distracts us from the real danger. It’s the whole community, the islamization. Not just one of them, it’s all of them.


By Samantha Herron 

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British Muslims sympathize with terror attacks

A few highly interesting lines from

This morning the BBC published details of a major poll of the attitudes of Britain’s Muslims. The headline on the front of the BBC website linking to the research states: “Muslims ‘oppose cartoon reprisals’”. This of course relates to attitudes within the Muslim community towards the recent Charlie Hebdo attacks.

It’s a reassuring headline. It’s also wrong. Many Muslims – a majority – do indeed utterly oppose the murderous killings in Paris. But a very, very large number of Muslims don’t.

Some 27 per cent of British Muslims said they have “some sympathy for the motives behind the attacks” on the Paris magazine, according to polling by ComRes for the BBC.

A further 32 per cent said they were not surprised by the attacks. Some 11 per cent said that magazines which publish images of the Prophet Mohammed “deserve to be attacked.”

It is indeed what caught my eye too. Whilst the poll done by the BBC can be made to look positive, actually an impressive amount of Muslims are perfectly happy to admit supporting violence and terrorism. This does not mean that those who do not admit it, don’t think the same. These numbers are just the perfect example to me that the statement “only a minority of Muslims are extremist terrorists” simply isn’t true. And may I just say, if any other group, religion or community  would make statements like this, hell would be lose.

20% of British Muslims think Islam is incompatible with the Western society…so what the heck are you doing here then? We ain’t going to change, this is our place.


By Samantha Herron



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Islamized Europe – is it ok to be against islamization?



Is it okay to oppose islamization?

Okay, this one is for our new readers, for people out there who wonder what we are all about and wonder if they are allowed at all to oppose islamization and express their opinion. I can’t believe i am writing this actually. It should be everybody’s right to express their opinion. We have lost it.


Living in the UK i so very often hear that my opinion and workmis racist. People say: yeah but you can’t say that! The latest one I heard and really made me think: the police will knock on your door!

Ok people of Europe, let’s  stop right here! Of course it’s  ok to say what you like and what you don’t. And no, police won’t  knock on your door if you join an anti-islamization group on Facebook or read our blog. Let me tell you why i am anti-islamization  and why i fight for the protection of Europe:


– the Koran uses the word HATE more than the bible uses LOVE, however it doesn’tmention love once

– the Koran says marrying a 9 year young child girl is ok

– Jesus said: I die for you, Mohammed said: kill for me

– there is a crazy amount of Mosques and “Muslim community centres” built across Europe

– Terrorism nowadays is bread in muslim cultures

– each time a terror attack happens or a muslim goes to Syria to fight their neighbours say: I wound never have expected this (YES BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL UNPREDICTABLE and here to hate us)

– …..

Many people tell me they would lose their jobs if they would say any of the above in public. True, especially in the UK because we have been islamized to such a degree that the opposition has to hide. This is why we shout louder! The opposition always does.


If you are new to this and unsure, be certain that you are not allone. There is a huge community opposing islamization and we will not back down. We are growing, we will stand behind you and never bend or knees for Islam.


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Europe, Britain and the rest of the world at war with Islam and terrorism

Cowards kill women and children and hide their faces


“Can you imagine what a dedicated mujahideen (soldier) in the West could do to the American and Jewish-owned shopping centres across the world.”

The words of an Al-Shabaab fighter from Somalia brings one thing very clearly in front of our eyes: Europe, the world but especially the United States and the United Kingdom are very much at war with Islam and terrorism. The question is not if but when another attack happens and it makes one wonder how many attacks there will have to be to remove our pro-Islam politicians from their power.

The threat isn’t just coming from the middle-east like many people think. No, Islam has already spread across the world and terrorists breed in Africa, Asia, The Americas…where ever you go you are not safe anymore.

Everybody out there keep up the fight.

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Muslims invading Britain’s government

Meet one of our biggest enemy yet, based in the United Kingdom:


When the first Muslim woman joined the cabinet in the British government, the multi-culturists of the UK cheered calling themselves forward thinking. Yet it was just another tactical move from the huge organisation which wants to conquer the world with terrorism called Islam.

Baroness Warsi, the first Muslim woman to sit in Cabinet, handed official posts to people linked to Islamist groups, including a man involved in an “unpleasant and bullying” campaign to win planning permission for the controversial London “megamosque” proposed by a fundamentalist Islamic sect. (the

The groups set up to fight “Muslim-hatred” in Britain are nothing but organisations putting any effort possible into infiltrating into our system BACKED BY THE GOVERNMENT.

a “cross-Government working group on anti-Muslim hatred” set up by Lady Warsi and Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister. (the

To most of our followers this is nothing new. But people who are only learning about Islam and how we want to crack down on it, these government-run pro-Islam groups are scary. It is them who tell people that we are no longer allowed to experss our opinion against Islam. It is them who say we are racissts and bullys whist actually THEY are telling us to hide and shut up. Meet one of our biggest enemy yet. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and his allies in the British government.

By Samantha Herron

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Islami State Invasion of Europe – we MUST keep an eye on Italy


This article from one year ago talks about people from Italy opposing Islam and trying to stop the Italian prime minister from allowing “Islamic Centres” being build in the country.

One year on the prime minister did what he wanted and Italy is now facing an immediate threat of being invaded by Islamic State coming from Lybia. Or in Islamic Stats’ words: “We will conquer Rome, by Allah’s permission.”

The Italians seem to take it surprisingly easy sending travel tips to Islamic State on Twitter. I fear they will regret their humor if they don’t jump into action soon.


By Samantha Herron


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PEGIDA Anti Islam march in Newcastle


Pope’s background is hardly thuggish. He claims to be a social worker who grew up in a Cambridgeshire does say that he is “middle-class”. He claims to believe that “the Muslim population brings a lot into the country” and insists Pegida is merely a “public awareness campaign” against extreme interpretations of Islam, not Muslims themselves.

Even if that really is his intention, few believe his followers will prove so nuanced. Dipu Ahad, a 34-year-old Muslim who has lived in Newcastle all his life, has already received a death threat for planning a counter-demonstration on Saturday, which George Galloway, the Respect party leader, and Russell Brand, the comedian, are expected to attend.

So the Muslims and their supporters complain about death threats? Welcome to our world. Opposing Islam nowadays means to most of us we could lose our work because it “offends” and many bloggers receive death threats every day. It’s perfectly fine to say “I hate Christians” or any other religion but with Islam it’s a problem. Where has our freedom gone? How can our people from our country betray us to such a degree and support Muslims?

Whilst PEGIDA may look unstable as an organisation, at least they prove to have some balls. I know that most people from the North East of England are very proud and look well after their region. But there are also hugely islamised parts. This is where we have to spread our message and get more people on board. It’s NOT ok to stop a march because your local football team has got some Muslim players. Wake up, this is OUR country!

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School girls leaving London to join IS – at least they left our country


There is always an outcry when you people leave to join Islamic State to fight against the rest of the world. I don’t know why. I generally welcome the fact that they leave our country, I’d always much rather have them out there than here. Plus: they usually die within a few weeks anyway so no loss there – actually, it’s a win win situation.

It absolutely baffles me though to see young women leaving. I can understand that Muslim women in the middle-east have no idea how life COULD be if they were treated normally. But surely these girls who just left have learnt about equality, women rights and freedom? Or are they just plain stupid?

It absolutely angers me though to see our women rights and equality kicked with boots by those people. We have worked so hard in some countries to get equality, in other countries it’s essential part of their way of life and always has been for centuries like in Denmark.
But seeing these girls giving it all up and saying: I don’t want any of it it’s worth nothing – is an insult of epic proportions. And you know what? Good they’re gone!

We love to hear your opinion, comment below if you like.

By Samantha Herron

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IS invade Europe – what’s going on?


The writes the following:

Italy warns Islamic State is allying with Libyan Islamist groups

Italy’s foreign minister warns ‘time running out’ to stop Islamic State establishing a foothold on the shores of the Mediterranean

But whats going on? Has this information we wrote about yesterday leaked by accident? It wouldn’t surprise me, Isamic State is certainly stupid enough to do something  like  this. But i doubt this is the whole story. Possibly the information has ben leaked on purpose either to intimidate us or to quite simply threaten us as usual.

Either way our politicians aren’t in a hurry to protect Europe and it’s people. So why? You guessed it, it’s money (trade esentially) of course coming from many different sources. Here 2 examples:

1: oil and gas. I know, everybody says this but read this to ubderstand:

All the Afghan Mujahedin needed to rid their country of the Russians was a few billion in cash, an arms supplier and about 10,000 extra men. Saudi donors were able to supply the money the Mujahedin needed to aid the cause of Islamic freedom fighters. They also laid on free flights to enable Wahhabi youth to go and die for Islam. The Saudi Osama bin Laden was there in Afghanistan to receive, train and arm his countrymen.
Unexpectedly, the policy paid for itself. International conflict causes the oil price to rise, even when that conflict would not directly disrupt the oil supply. The possibility of a confrontation between a Russian-occupied Afghanistan and an American-backed Pakistan was enough to cause panic pricing in the oil market. The Saudis made more from the increased price of oil in one year than they paid out in the entire duration of the Russian-Mujahedin conflict. Saudi Arabia had found a winning formula. WWW.OIL-PRICE.NET

2: Art

Worth millions of dollars, IS raid and steal aicient art Egyptian artifacts which are sold sold straight to Europe

Don’t  think our leaders will protect the continent and its culture? It is us, a strong community not giving up. Let’s stick together, spread the word CRACK DOWN ON ISLAM.

By Samantha Herron