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School girls leaving London to join IS – at least they left our country

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There is always an outcry when you people leave to join Islamic State to fight against the rest of the world. I don’t know why. I generally welcome the fact that they leave our country, I’d always much rather have them out there than here. Plus: they usually die within a few weeks anyway so no loss there – actually, it’s a win win situation.

It absolutely baffles me though to see young women leaving. I can understand that Muslim women in the middle-east have no idea how life COULD be if they were treated normally. But surely these girls who just left have learnt about equality, women rights and freedom? Or are they just plain stupid?

It absolutely angers me though to see our women rights and equality kicked with boots by those people. We have worked so hard in some countries to get equality, in other countries it’s essential part of their way of life and always has been for centuries like in Denmark.
But seeing these girls giving it all up and saying: I don’t want any of it it’s worth nothing – is an insult of epic proportions. And you know what? Good they’re gone!

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By Samantha Herron

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