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About SIOE


Stop Islamisation Of Europe – SIOE is an action group determined to prevent and reverse the implementation of sharia law in Europe.

Islamisation is the process by which the supremacy of islam is taking place by whatever means muslims and their allies use.

Unfortunately, muslims have many allies in the European establishment, in politics, religion and the judiciary.

Muslim leaders use our own virtues of tolerance and freedom against us to establish islam’s own intolerance and oppression.

Together with our own establishment they suppress our free speech and stealthily introduce sharia law.

It is rapidly becoming a crime to criticise mohammed and islam.

SIOE does not consider it a crime to criticise mohammed and islam; it considers it a duty.

It is no accident that the least developed countries in the world are often islamic and the most prosperous are those which have made religion one of personal belief and established democracy as their political core.

SIOE intends to keep Europe and the West the most prosperous and free part of the world and it will do this through action.

Wherever islamism rears its ugly head SIOE will be there. Its members are undaunted by the criticism SIOE receives from all sides.

The self-styled anti-fascists brand us right-wing fascist nationalists.

The Nazis and fascists call us left-wing liberals.

SIOE does not accept the concept of left-wing or right-wing. It believes in freedom and opposes totalitarianism whether it be Nazi. Communist, fascist or worst of all islam.

SIOE has regular anti-islamist demonstrations and intends to up its activity in the future. Information will be published on this site.

Unsurprisingly, this has made SIOE a target by the European establishment.

SIOE is the only non-party organisation, and Anders Gravers the only individual, to be sued by Kurt Westergaard for using his famous Mohammed turban-bomb cartoon; both for a substantial sum of money.


56 thoughts on “About SIOE


  2. Hello,
    Do you have you profile on Facebook or Twitter?
    If not when you will set-this?

    • Erik if you are talking about The Swiss Defence League. Twitter and Facebook is not yet in place. Will be but not even soon, …might be for the summer(don’t know for sure).
      The Blog However taking form, and soon will be quiet effective by May-June.
      SIOE can reach me like one of their own can.
      Stop Isamization !


  4. I’ve watched this video
    OMG!!! I’m so FREAK OUT!! Europe must not be overtaken by islam
    I’m Christian and I live in indonesia.. trust me life with islam is NOT GOOD AT ALL.. It’s a nightmare! everyday you will be tortured by their stupid prayer.. They’re not praying like Christian do, they pray with megaphones so their voice can be heard everywhere! and I think muslim’s cultures really really not fit at all with European cultures. Europe is a place for Christian NOT for the muslims. Everyone should know that most of muslim countries are so poor. I don’t know why.. maybe because their way of thinking is not like the way of normal human think.. I plan to leave my country as soon as possible. I hate my country so much. So please pray for me so I can get Permanent Residency in Australia or New Zealand.

    • You are welcome to come to the UK, but alas our Country is being swamped with Muslims, who breed at an alarming rate, but fight shy of working and contributing, preferring to live off Benefits supplied by our incompetent so called Government. Muslims can have up to four Wives and claim benefits for all of them, even though it is against British Law to have more than one legal partner.
      By 2050 the prediction is for the UK to be 50% Muslim, long before then I will sell up and get out as I have no intentions of living in a Country overrun with these backward thinking, brainwashed people.
      Pity, as Inwas born and bred in the UK, but my sanity is all that matters now.
      I have nothing against people having their own faith as long as they do not impose it on others. Muslims do just this and winge and whine every time things don’t go their way.

      I am sick of the politically correct in society who defend these religious nutters.

      • I am wondering where you plan to go? I understand the reaction to wanting to get out, I myself even dream this in the form of literally flying away. But where can you go? Isn’t this problem a global one?
        I bet there is a powerful elite pushing the islamisation agenda to create a future with even less freedom and even more stupid slave-citizens.

      • WE MUST DO MORE, NOW. We need a political way. And we have to be a lot, we neef money and power.
        Just thinking about it during grippe. But, we will see. Before this evening i didn’t know anything about sioe.
        Thanks and bye

  5. We can widen europeans` outlook and propagate the information, for example one from YouTube, like this, about purposes of islam:

  6. What are you so afraid of?
    Would you guys calm down if you get guaratees there will be no attempt to apply the sharia?

  7. Islam is a cancer we must extirpate from Europe. It´s a same see contries like Spain or France, that have been fighting Islam for over 1000 years, full of muslims. I hate them, they bring violence an insecurity to our countris. STOP ISLAM

  8. I am glad someone is standing up to stem the tide of this barbaric third-world garbage that is inundating the civilized world.

  9. My worm regards from Greece. Islam is the enemy of all the nations and they are destroying our civilizations, our traditions and our religions. They come with the help of Saudi Arabia and Qatar in order to expand Islam all over the world and our governments acting very patient are giving them the opportunity to destroy us.

    We must unite against Islam.

  10. Hello, I’m Peruvian and I live in London. I arrived to the UK because I was in love with its culture but once I arrived to London, it was way too different. Some areas are full of people dressed in Burqas and full of the Arabic letters in them, some underground stations are written in 2 languages as if Arabic (or Hindi) would be the second language of the country! . It does not look like London anymore. It’s sad.
    And this people do not like the UK either, they are always talking about how better their country is, then why don’t they go back to their country? They want us to respect them but they do not do the same with us. If we don’t stand up then there will be no action. We must encourage people to say what they think, to give their opinions. Of course then Muslims will attack saying it is discrimination but it’s not. This is a free country and there is freedom of speech, therefore, is our right to say what we think. This is about justice and equality for all of us.

    • To need to learn about british culture.Hindi is an indian language.britain has a shared history with india/pakistan…this is the centenary of ww1…millions of indian and other colonial soldiers died for britain.we dont need ignorant foreigners like you here.

  11. islam a religion of war not peace they hate all other religons and do not intograte they want everything for nothing in short not welcome to mess up Europe any more send them all back

  12. Would like to join SIOE and become a member But how do I do this?
    OTHERWISE, WE are the stupid and naiv ones, we Europeans, we Scandinavians where mosques are popping up everywhere and muslims have become a political force. Why this stupid “correctness” on our side? Where are the brave politicians in Scandinavia and EU daring to stand up against islam? They are cowards and DO NOT represent the will of the people People do not want neither Islam nor muslims but the coward and “correct” and naiv politicians let them come and devastate European culture I am Norwegian but emigrated permanently from muslim Oslo and Norway 16 years ago.

  13. Muslim religious must be banded in Europ. Need to start take action against Muslim in Erope not just talk, we need joint and grab seats in Europen Union and stop this dirty muslim ones and for all.

    • I am totally with you, Islam must be banned.

      • You’re absolutely right maria. I’m agreed with you. But they’ve been created 2 Islamic country in Europe. ALBANIA 80% and KOSOVO 90%. MUSLIM= murder, rape, attacking, uneducated, Converting in Muslim. This is very dangerous. Islam isn’t relegion, it’s organization of terrorist.
        Therefore Japan. Angola and mamy countries has been blocked all muslim.
        Japanese doesn’t LIKE Islamic people.
        And i hate only Islamic people and their stupid law. Don’t let them enter in any European countries.
        But Muslim shouldn’t be ban only Europe, rather whole world.
        I like everyone besides them.
        They’re very cruel and they lives in past and follow old stupid SHARIYA LAW. LOL….

  14. Action need to be take and stop immigration to giving them perdition to live and work in us EU countries.
    If this mean go agents own government then ”YES”.

    New Terrorist organisation is born name ISIS: ISIS is executing Christian in Northern Iraq and Syria. They shooting young tanager’s and cutting they head off when they are still live.

    I’m not religious fanatic ”but if some one pushing his religion on somebody ales and killing in name of any god they need to be wipe off this planet”.

    Yes I do want join SIOE and take all protection what is ”necessary”.

    Juraj SKK

  15. 27september15h Veemarkt Mechelen Belgium demonstration against the killing of Christians. Be there.

  16. Where do I start? In recent months, I have been through some rather traumatic events. These have softened me, greatly. One of the qualities I have endeavoured to cultivate is that of non-judgementalism. This has lightened the load on my mind, greatly. However, I cannot but be affected by the constant bombardment of news relating to Islamic intolerance, threats, cry’s of injustice when they haven’t got what they want and insidiously, the gradual and quite deliberate Islamification of Britain with, and I find this hard to get my head around, the apparent blessing of OUR political elite. Maybe there are hidden forces behind the scenes that are pulling the strings on this one for some other agenda but, the end result will be the destruction of Britain and Europe as we, the indigenous peoples of this continent know it. If this were some slow, organic process, then, so be it. But, this is rapid, painful and against the will of most Brits / Europeans, Why? At this rate, my three sons will find themselves as part of a minority in their own home land as a result of the misguided, “politically correct” social engineering experiments we are witnessing right now. The agenda of (so called!) multiculturalism is a non starter when Moslems are involved. When this “faith” is followed in the fanatical manner we are witness to these days, it is, at the very least religious fascism. Fascism IS totalitarianism. How on earth can THAT even begin to become part of a harmonious multicultural (whatever that is!) society. It will only ever end in division and fighting. Fighting that OUR children will have to bear the brunt of as a result of some awful multicultural dream (nightmare!) or is it actually planned? are we actually seeing the real plan unfolding? is the end game, the eradication of Northern European civilisation, culture and races? and if so, who is behind this? Either way, the cutting edge to the problem we AND OUR CHILDREN will increasingly be facing is the awful fungus that is radical Islam. It frightens me, I am not ashamed to say this. Me, my family, my friends, my people, my history, my heritage, my homeland, everything that I love and gives me security and a sense of place is being systematically sold down the river in the name of what? and by who? We cannot just blame Islam. Yes they are there and taking advantage of this opportunity being handed to them but, look at the bigger picture, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are those who are ALLOWING it to happen. Stopping the islamification of Britain / Europe is just part of the job. I believe there is a whole and bigger monster pulling the strings here and allowing this to develop.

    • Indeed, Islamification is just a part of a larger dark agenda from the elite that rules this world. Even without Islam we already live in the illusion of freedom. But it can always become worse … and that is what they want. It is a form of cultural torture, probably motivated by deeply satanic beliefs that pervade the elite that thrives on all forms of human suffering, including rage against injustice and the feeling of powerlessness.

  17. Please make this group accessible to people who wish to join in. I’m one of them! I cannot bear the bad prospects of Europe as we are facing now. My country, the Czech Republic, is not yet affected the same way the UK, France, Belgium and so on is…but….we are in the middle surrounded by all this and it wouldn’t take long for the evil to cross the borders. I want all our European countries to have their specific identity as they always did, that was the beauty of it. I want all this ill mind of Islam, violence, terror, hate and other nasty stuff that came with this ancient Ideology to get out! This is awful what is happening now, Islam sneaking in from all angles and growing upon us more and more, forcing our people to adjust to them and their way of living. We need to stop this as soon as possible or our children will be doomed in a backward society and inhuman law of Sharia. Never should we let this happen!!!

  18. would love to see a demonstration in denmark soon again!!

  19. We Europens must defend our way of life and our democracy. And we European patriots will never allow those muslim barbarians to beat us! Never! Western civilisation will prevail.

  20. there is no point of abusing a religion.Islam will always dominate the it or not….

  21. Islam is a vile, offensive, disgusting religion, it’s worse than Ebola. It must be wiped, along with all its believers from the face of the Earth.

  22. To Soqomo, I think you are muslim. Islam will never dominate. I’m Indian and India will always support US Europe to cleanse muslims. I have developed myself very strong by reading quran and hadith and now I challenge the bloody non educated illiterate stupid idiotic muslim fools who dont even know what meaning of quran. They just memorize it.

    We have to form our groups and get strong to wipe out the Islamic shit. Time has come to unite for all of us to rise as one and save democracy.

    Lets unite guys and fight back.

  23. Islam is a failed religion,all Muslims have to go through a reformation .Which Muslim country have peace in this world ? None.
    Now Europe ,America,Asia and Africa is in danger . The people have to wake up . They lied about Islam,it time we genuine
    Muslims have to speak out the truth . The world is in danger .

    • And what is the truth then? A “religion” full of hatred praising to conquer the world and kill everybody who doesn’t follow the rules? We have left those times behind, this world is full of other, real religions. But I would love to hear from you ONE good thing about Islam, a positive message from Mohammed. Because as far as I know, there is none.

  24. To all my European Brothers and Sisters, We are with you all the way. We will never let Islam take over Europe or US or UK or Asia. If we unite together we can wipe out the dirt by ourselves. We just need to be one forgetting that we are Christians, Buddhists or Hindus. We are one to save Democracy. We are one to save Humanity. Lets fight till our last breath. Muhammad has been commanded by Allah to wipe out non muslims till the whole world accepts Islam. So do we are commanded by the Supreme Nature, our democracy and humanity to wipe out muslims from out mother land.

    Lets do it for us, for our children, for our people and for our generations.

  25. Islam – It has no need to be justified, even if it was one person; it is one too many innocent people to die at the hands of this cult called Islam, one only need to see the news or the internet today.

    I am neither a bigot or a Christian, I do not like the nasty things that people do to other people, I am finished with the Islamic/Muslim manipulation of every situation that does not suit their particular mood, which of course means Islam.

    Why does not the Western Governments grow some sensible policies, stop glossing over all these nut cases and religious Zealots, Islam has claimed 270 million lives since its inception in the 7th century, other religions evolved, Islam has been stuck on stupid since the year 622, and it really has not improved!

    Apart from its strategy of infiltration by stealth into most of all other Western societies, this is a strategy that is aberrant and many will resist.

    Dark Age’s cult damn them. This is the situation and the feeling of many non-Islamic nations throughout this world predominantly western countries with a social security structure for its citizens if you are a Muslim go and live in a Muslim country we in our western society do not want your wife beaters female mutilation practices criminals drug pushers paedophiles child molesters neither do we want your dark ages customs or religious zealotry, Simple answer go to an ISLAMIC country and stop leaching off western nations generosity social welfare systems, We in the westernised nations and within Europe America and Great Britain, we do not want Islam never ever. The bubble is due to burst one day in the not too distant future, these governments will have to act, when the social security and national health systems become overloaded and can no longer cope.

    Not only Caucasian but European but many other races and ethnic groups have fully integrated into Australian American and European culture they have added to it, they value it they do not wish to degrade it by force as Islamic groups clearly wish to.

    Therefore, we in the western nations do not want Islamic religious fundamentalist or any other kind of religious radical fundamentalists here in our nations, take them into your society as a peace loving Muslim has been taught to do by your wonderful peace loving Muslim Brotherhood.

    YOU (ISLAMICS) DON’T GIVE A DAMN! You come to settle in our lands, to escape all of your misery and live happily in sanctuary of what you escaped but you have just one thought in mind, that is to import all of your Sharia Laws and Wahhabi laws to our lands, which are of course dispensed by the Islamic hierarchy, the Imams this has no division between the laws and the courts that or the political system that we have used for centuries, The Westminster system since the Magna-Carta.

    We have no desire for your cruel cultist tortures cloaked in your crazy Islam as a punishment which was written down from Allah, by a warlord Mohammed which you would like to call a religion, which we see as the meanderings of a madman.
    Enough of trying to change our traditions our customs.
    Enough erosion of our values.
    Enough of trying to change our liberties because it does not fit with your seventh century religious ideology.

  26. I am worried, that when the majority starts to realize what is going on it is too late. Politicians are scared of the racist card, everyone are scared of that card, even if things are not racist.

    Why is Europe feeling such shame about caring it’s own culture? Sweden has gone crazy, because they didn’t let jews over the boarder during WW2, but is this how they act the salvation for that incident?

    Wake up, Europe.

  27. Please continue this good work.. Europe is being swarmed by muslims
    i am Indian.. and I am alarmed at the islamization of europe..

  28. Islam is a false religion. The true religion will never command its people to kill and murder.

    Remember 9/11. Over 4,000 people in the USA were murdered in the name of Islam.

  29. Stop sioe

  30. I am completely against Islam getting any format of power in Europe because I am appalled at how they treat women. What can us ordinary European citizens do to stop them taking over ?

  31. For me, islam is ideology similar or wors than nazism and should be prohibited in all european countries.

  32. All the 22 muslim nations including Malaysia has to be expeled from the U.N.
    We the people of the Western world , the “descendants of the Roman heritage”
    need to establish an iron curtain against the nations that wear Jeans and drink Coke but have a middle ages agenda. The Arabs are the biggest racists more than the Nazis.
    From Casablanca untill Jakarta you will not find even one prosperous non muslim minority because the muslims oppress everything that moves. The only minority that is prosperous is Israel because it has a huge army for self protection against the muslim/arab facism.

  33. How do I join your organisation? It’s no accident that most of the completely fucked countries in the world are Muslim (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria need I carry on?). But when you speak up about it you are branded racist and that it is the wests fault that these countries are in their current position. I put it that it is Islams fault for these countries current predicament, imposing archaic and barbaric laws upon their citizens in the name of God. It is known that their vile and disgusting holy book openly States that Muslims should kill all the kuffars (non believers). Now I don’t practise any faith nor have I ever done so, but I respect the right for people to believe in whatever they choose, apart from Islam. It sickens me the way our European cultures have been forced to adapt to meet the needs of these evil invaders. If they want to live under sharia law then we should all chip in, buy some land in Siberia, build a massive wall manned by Russian special ops commandos 24/7 365, deport every count there down to the last woman and child and let the fuckers rot (or probably freeze haha). My views may be somewhat extreme to some people but it is my belief that these Muslims cannot and will not integrate into our societies ever! These Eastern European States have the right idea and the rest of Europe and the world for that matter need to fucking wake up and take action before we are all doomed. It sickens me to see good white folk stand up and campaign for the rights of Muslims when we know full well that they would not reciprocate for us. Israel have the best policies towards Muslims and show them in their true light. I wish the crusaders had done a better job and wiped the cunts off the face of the earth when they had the chance! Rant over

  34. I would like to join SIOE and do something to help get the TRUTH out there.
    How do I join and what can I do?


  35. They are biding time, breeding and chain-migrating their relatives into Europe until there are enough of them (particularly young men of fighting age) to bring the indigenous people to their knees. This will happen sooner than we can imagine, especially if we keep absorbing hordes of economic migrants from Islamic countries.

    Unfortunately for them, this will also result in complete financial ruin… no more free housing or benefits and the whole of Europe will implode into a new dark age.

  36. Hello! I am happy there is such organisation! How can I contribute? I am located in Italy, Siena.

  37. Europe at Europeans people…..islam go home

  38. Best regards from Canada! I stand with Europe all the way to protect and preserve your ideas and ensure a better future for Europe. I wish I could do more to help, but know I will be backing you!

  39. Hello! How can I join you and what can I do to stop islamic colonization of Europe?

  40. I want to becone member of SIOE. because i want to clear all muslim and islam. How can i become member of SIOE? Please tell me. I want to support you. Because your work is for save Humanity.

  41. Click here to know Muslim behavior/terrorism correlated with population size.
    Click this link
    You will be know their Behaviour, where growing up muslim population, and how to becones problems foe those countries. Please must see this link and know theie behaviour.

    • Anything to save Europe and the world from Islamization. Time has now come to show Non Islamic Jihad to the Muslim Jihadis. Lets us raise our swords and strike back to all the non educated, illiterate Sharia idiots who are nothing but Slaves of the Arabic Allah created by Muhammad. I will just tell you the full form of ISLAM. ISLAM – I am SLAVE of LIFE-threatening ALLAH BY MUHAMMAD. The name itself tells us that Muslims are slaves of Allah and Muhammad. We have seen enough Islamic Jihad. Now lets show them what Non Islamic Jihad is.

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