SIOE – Stop Islamisation of Europe

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PRESS RELEASE: SIOE Italy demonstrate against Soros’ interference in Italian politics


Bologna, February 24th at 12.00. Place will be released on SIOE Italy fb the day before the demo.

From SIOE Italy fb:

FROZEN FLASH MOB to stop interferences in Italian and European politics by George Soros , the biggest puppetmaster of the New World Order, the great juggler of numismatics finance that in 1992 brought the Lira to the edge of the abyss, the man who supports the Muslim Brotherhood, the one who wants to control the world by his Outernet project, the one who through some politicians want to teach us, that have a multi-centuries history, how to organize our society.


Demonstration: Stop Islamisation of Europe, May 10th at 11 am


Mayor Yvan Mayeur banned SIOE’s last demo against halal slaughter in EU because he decided the name would insult the muslims. So we are now making a new demo where the main name of the demonstration will be Stop Islamisation of Europe and where we will have a vary of subtitles as can be seen on our banner.

We believe that we are in our full constitutional right to demonstrate against islamisation in the capital of Europe trying to influence the politicians in the EU to stop the islamisation. We don’t want to be stopped by a mayor who has a majority of muslims in his council.

We are now putting the options up – either we are allowed to have a peaceful demonstration outside the parliament at Luxembourg Square in Brussels May the 10th – or we will be banned again and then we will demonstrate spontaneously around in the town in thousands where no-one can forbid us and stop us baering t-shirts with the different demo slogans.

Anders Gravers
Leader of SIOE- Stop islamisation of Europe


PRESS RELEASE: Mayor in Brussels ban SIOE demonstration against halal slaughter

Dhimmi-mayor: Yvan Mayeur

Dhimmi-mayor: Yvan Mayeur

Today Thursday around 3 pm. Anders Gravers leader of SIOE received a call from the police in Belgium. They had just finished a meeting regarding our demonstration Saturday the 8th against halal slaughtering in EU. He had to tell Anders Gravers that it was not possible to permit the demonstration because the mayor of Brussels, Yvan Mayeur, has banned the demonstration.

Anders Gravers asked why he banned it and the answer was that we have no right to know why but it could be the titel of the demonstration that was the problem. So the mayor of Brussels has banned our demonstraion with the animal caring name: Stop halal slaughter in EU. He seems to be as much as a dhimmi as the mayor before him , mayor Thielemans who also banned a SIOE demonstraion back in 2007 – 9/11 where we wanted to have a demo with the name: Stop the islamisation of Europe. Thielemans had a mayority of muslims in his council. Maybe the new mayor has the same problem.

They come so late with the banning because last time they banned us in good time we organised a demonstraion anyway. A demonstration that led to the arrest of many politicians from Vlaams Belangen and Liga North Italy.

We will arrange a new demonstration and will in any case go through with it because it cannot be true that as a European citizen you are not allowed demonstrate outside your parliament because a small part of the population around the parliament doesn’t like it. This is not a question about the town of Brussels but the capital of Europe where the man in the street can stand outside their parliament and tell the politicians they don’t agree with their decisions and in this special occasion tell them they are against animal cruelty as halal slaughter.

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Authorities in EUs capital don’t respond to application for demonstration against halal slaughter

As usual authorities try to spoil our demonstrations. SIOE has until now not yet received permission for this coming Saturdays demonstration in Brussels. They are doing it so some people maybe don’t dare to come. Last time we wanted to demonstrate in Brussels they ended up forbidding the demonstration the very last minute because the mayor in Brussels was under pressure from Muslims in his municipality.

Freedom of speech in the capital of Europe???

Do the Belgian authorities protect the muslim communities in Brussels against our wish to protect innocent animals from terrible sufferings??