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PRESS RELEASE: Mayor in Brussels ban SIOE demonstration against halal slaughter


Dhimmi-mayor: Yvan Mayeur

Dhimmi-mayor: Yvan Mayeur

Today Thursday around 3 pm. Anders Gravers leader of SIOE received a call from the police in Belgium. They had just finished a meeting regarding our demonstration Saturday the 8th against halal slaughtering in EU. He had to tell Anders Gravers that it was not possible to permit the demonstration because the mayor of Brussels, Yvan Mayeur, has banned the demonstration.

Anders Gravers asked why he banned it and the answer was that we have no right to know why but it could be the titel of the demonstration that was the problem. So the mayor of Brussels has banned our demonstraion with the animal caring name: Stop halal slaughter in EU. He seems to be as much as a dhimmi as the mayor before him , mayor Thielemans who also banned a SIOE demonstraion back in 2007 – 9/11 where we wanted to have a demo with the name: Stop the islamisation of Europe. Thielemans had a mayority of muslims in his council. Maybe the new mayor has the same problem.

They come so late with the banning because last time they banned us in good time we organised a demonstraion anyway. A demonstration that led to the arrest of many politicians from Vlaams Belangen and Liga North Italy.

We will arrange a new demonstration and will in any case go through with it because it cannot be true that as a European citizen you are not allowed demonstrate outside your parliament because a small part of the population around the parliament doesn’t like it. This is not a question about the town of Brussels but the capital of Europe where the man in the street can stand outside their parliament and tell the politicians they don’t agree with their decisions and in this special occasion tell them they are against animal cruelty as halal slaughter.

6 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE: Mayor in Brussels ban SIOE demonstration against halal slaughter

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  2. this idiot is lining up for his own future slaughter at the hands of the muslim hordes. Appeaser!!!!

  3. Belgium, the slightest thought of violence and you fall to your knees and surrender, every time, You are a Nation Of Cowards! Bend Over for Islam!

  4. some body take this man and halal him it took centuries on pressures to get animal cruelties stopped .

    e undoing this by allowing a medieval practice to continu,e. maybe this man should be reminded of his duties

  5. this order of mayor is a slap on our christian not only one sioe but also in all christian community we are in majority and we cannot put a law which is harmful to us and our children they mayor’s and mna, and parliamentarians need votes they not need the everlasting life from jesus they love the anti- Christs to rule on them its shame on us we cannot do it atleast we cann make an strike on main places to stop islam.

  6. c’est bien évidemment la réaction du membre du psislamique, il ne faut pas s’attendre à une atrre attitude de ce parti qui collecte ses voix dans le milidu islamique, il suffit de lire la liste de ce parti à Bruxelles

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