SIOE – Stop Islamisation of Europe

Demonstration: Stop Islamisation of Europe, May 10th at 11 am



Mayor Yvan Mayeur banned SIOE’s last demo against halal slaughter in EU because he decided the name would insult the muslims. So we are now making a new demo where the main name of the demonstration will be Stop Islamisation of Europe and where we will have a vary of subtitles as can be seen on our banner.

We believe that we are in our full constitutional right to demonstrate against islamisation in the capital of Europe trying to influence the politicians in the EU to stop the islamisation. We don’t want to be stopped by a mayor who has a majority of muslims in his council.

We are now putting the options up – either we are allowed to have a peaceful demonstration outside the parliament at Luxembourg Square in Brussels May the 10th – or we will be banned again and then we will demonstrate spontaneously around in the town in thousands where no-one can forbid us and stop us baering t-shirts with the different demo slogans.

Anders Gravers
Leader of SIOE- Stop islamisation of Europe

2 thoughts on “Demonstration: Stop Islamisation of Europe, May 10th at 11 am

  1. L’Europe doit rester l’Europe,avec ses religions, ses traditions et sa culture un point c’est tout !

  2. Hello Anderse Pedersen. I am a member of Stop Islamization of Europe on Facebook. I just sent you this email in the hopes you will let the rest of your supporters and anti islamization moderators on Facebook know what is happening to anyone who says any little negative thing about Islam on Facebook. I have been blocked from posting because I said this about Kate Perry and the purported amulet she was wearing in her video which muslims took offense to. ” Muslims should get over it. They have no right to cast judgment on anyone, because they are not without sin. It is up to God to be the executioner of justice.” Can you believe this!!? All because I said that. Let your supporters on FB know that the leftists and muslims are out to have us censored on Facebook. I had to let you know here, because I was blocked. Another comment I made was that Islam is the ruination of the west. Any way, do not be surprised if Facebook starts blocking anything that portrays Islam in a negative light. It amazes me that I have seen Islamic groups on Facebook which insult Israeli’s and other people, but that is ok.

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