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PEGIDA Anti Islam march in Newcastle

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Pope’s background is hardly thuggish. He claims to be a social worker who grew up in a Cambridgeshire does say that he is “middle-class”. He claims to believe that “the Muslim population brings a lot into the country” and insists Pegida is merely a “public awareness campaign” against extreme interpretations of Islam, not Muslims themselves.

Even if that really is his intention, few believe his followers will prove so nuanced. Dipu Ahad, a 34-year-old Muslim who has lived in Newcastle all his life, has already received a death threat for planning a counter-demonstration on Saturday, which George Galloway, the Respect party leader, and Russell Brand, the comedian, are expected to attend.

So the Muslims and their supporters complain about death threats? Welcome to our world. Opposing Islam nowadays means to most of us we could lose our work because it “offends” and many bloggers receive death threats every day. It’s perfectly fine to say “I hate Christians” or any other religion but with Islam it’s a problem. Where has our freedom gone? How can our people from our country betray us to such a degree and support Muslims?

Whilst PEGIDA may look unstable as an organisation, at least they prove to have some balls. I know that most people from the North East of England are very proud and look well after their region. But there are also hugely islamised parts. This is where we have to spread our message and get more people on board. It’s NOT ok to stop a march because your local football team has got some Muslim players. Wake up, this is OUR country!

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