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IS invade Europe – what’s going on?

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The writes the following:

Italy warns Islamic State is allying with Libyan Islamist groups

Italy’s foreign minister warns ‘time running out’ to stop Islamic State establishing a foothold on the shores of the Mediterranean

But whats going on? Has this information we wrote about yesterday leaked by accident? It wouldn’t surprise me, Isamic State is certainly stupid enough to do something  like  this. But i doubt this is the whole story. Possibly the information has ben leaked on purpose either to intimidate us or to quite simply threaten us as usual.

Either way our politicians aren’t in a hurry to protect Europe and it’s people. So why? You guessed it, it’s money (trade esentially) of course coming from many different sources. Here 2 examples:

1: oil and gas. I know, everybody says this but read this to ubderstand:

All the Afghan Mujahedin needed to rid their country of the Russians was a few billion in cash, an arms supplier and about 10,000 extra men. Saudi donors were able to supply the money the Mujahedin needed to aid the cause of Islamic freedom fighters. They also laid on free flights to enable Wahhabi youth to go and die for Islam. The Saudi Osama bin Laden was there in Afghanistan to receive, train and arm his countrymen.
Unexpectedly, the policy paid for itself. International conflict causes the oil price to rise, even when that conflict would not directly disrupt the oil supply. The possibility of a confrontation between a Russian-occupied Afghanistan and an American-backed Pakistan was enough to cause panic pricing in the oil market. The Saudis made more from the increased price of oil in one year than they paid out in the entire duration of the Russian-Mujahedin conflict. Saudi Arabia had found a winning formula. WWW.OIL-PRICE.NET

2: Art

Worth millions of dollars, IS raid and steal aicient art Egyptian artifacts which are sold sold straight to Europe

Don’t  think our leaders will protect the continent and its culture? It is us, a strong community not giving up. Let’s stick together, spread the word CRACK DOWN ON ISLAM.

By Samantha Herron 

One thought on “IS invade Europe – what’s going on?

  1. The NWO want European peoples genocide !

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