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Islamic State militants enter Europe on “refugee” boats


If you belong to those people who was convinced for the last few months that the refugee boats from Libya and Syria are full of Islamic State terrorists, then you will know that people will have accused you of having “extreme” views and only seeing Islamic extremism everywhere.


We have written about it a few times here. IS is heading for Italy and WILL come in large numbers to Europe to terrorise our countries. It has nothing to do with an “extreme” opinion but just logical thinking.

As the story finally hits the mainstream news today on BBC it becomes painfully clear that the terrorists are coming. They are saying it to our medias faces even and the leaders of Europe seem to be welcoming them as no serious action is taken against the migrant crisis or IS. We’ll just have to watch whilst the invasion develops. Even more reason to protect our small communities and stick together in order to save our values and children’s future.

Samantha Herron

11 thoughts on “Islamic State militants enter Europe on “refugee” boats

  1. Atleast someone is saying something. Europe ignores the problem that is growing horrifically. Look at this:

    Kosovo is not very far away from Middle Europe. WAKE UP, EUROPE!

    Sadly the thought “I tolerate, they tolerate too” doesn’t work, it just doesn’t, why can’t people see that?

  2. I am Portuguese and I am disgusted with the Muslim people(not race but religion), I saw a recent vid on youtube about muslims wanting to apply their sharia law here in our Continent and saying that they dont have any obligation towards the law of the country they are in (in that case it was in England).
    Please I am a young boy (18 years old) and want to study in Germany I have many friends there and even they advice me not to go because of the increasing number of muslim extremist population, so this means I am not even allowed to move within my Continent?, my beloved and unique Europe? I just want my birthright as a EU citizen:being free and safe within my continent thats all I want, nothing else.
    Please count on me to sign any petition I would like to know if there is any oficcial page of this group and if I would be allowed to join and fight for my future sons freedom.

    With many respect and love, Anthony Charles.

  3. They are not refugees or migrants but illegal immigrants, they want our countries for what they can give THEM, they give nothing back but also want to turn them Muslim. If we went to their counties and built a church just watch what would occur. Just look at how they look after the camps they are in, just full of crap and human waste. Parasites in fact. My views which I am entitled too in a free world, but not Muslim one.

  4. .

    There was no Islamic Golden Age. What happened is that Islam conquered vibrant Christian and Jewish populations and enslaved the people with the Jizya tax on unbelievers and the Covenent of Dhimmitude for unbelievers. In reality the claimed Islamic inventions were either Syriac Christian, or were pre-existing inventions from Rome, Greece and Persia.

  5. Post this video. Islam will overrun us.

  6. I’m Peruvian so Islam is far from us, for now. The fight is in Europe and I wish to support Europe stop this virus from spreading out. If Europe wont stop it, the chances for the rest of us to do so will diminish exponentially. Here in south america there are many supporters for this cause. Is there a web page where I and many like me can go and at least donate some money for SIOE ??
    Thank you for Organizing and trying to solve this great problem.

    • Hello Gian. Thanks for your comment and your support. We are working on getting a paypal account for people to donate. We really need all the help we can get in order to keep up the islam resistance in Europe. The last 12 months we have been extremely busy organising demonstrations in Denmark which is the reason why we haven’t had any ressources to post here on the website. However we are getting new powers into the fight and will post regularly again here on the site.

  7. what happened to you website? it hasn’t been updated in a long time. we need sites like this more than ever. have you moved your content somewhere else?

    • Hi Jason, we are extremely busy running SIOE int. and SIAD (Denmark) on facebook and arranging demonstrations. We start to post again here on the website and we really need help doing so. Articles about the situation in Europe is mostly welcome.

  8. Were not getting this news on the media here in America.

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