SIOE – Stop Islamisation of Europe

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PRESS RELEASE: SIOE Italy demonstrate against Soros’ interference in Italian politics


Bologna, February 24th at 12.00. Place will be released on SIOE Italy fb the day before the demo.

From SIOE Italy fb:

FROZEN FLASH MOB to stop interferences in Italian and European politics by George Soros , the biggest puppetmaster of the New World Order, the great juggler of numismatics finance that in 1992 brought the Lira to the edge of the abyss, the man who supports the Muslim Brotherhood, the one who wants to control the world by his Outernet project, the one who through some politicians want to teach us, that have a multi-centuries history, how to organize our society.


Demonstration: Stop Islamisation of Europe, May 10th at 11 am


Mayor Yvan Mayeur banned SIOE’s last demo against halal slaughter in EU because he decided the name would insult the muslims. So we are now making a new demo where the main name of the demonstration will be Stop Islamisation of Europe and where we will have a vary of subtitles as can be seen on our banner.

We believe that we are in our full constitutional right to demonstrate against islamisation in the capital of Europe trying to influence the politicians in the EU to stop the islamisation. We don’t want to be stopped by a mayor who has a majority of muslims in his council.

We are now putting the options up – either we are allowed to have a peaceful demonstration outside the parliament at Luxembourg Square in Brussels May the 10th – or we will be banned again and then we will demonstrate spontaneously around in the town in thousands where no-one can forbid us and stop us baering t-shirts with the different demo slogans.

Anders Gravers
Leader of SIOE- Stop islamisation of Europe

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1. Stop the accident – prevent it from escalating.
2. Provide immediate life saving aid.
3. Call for assistance – ambulance, firefighters.
4. Provide general first aid.

In the case of Europe being the injured, the four main steps could be rephrased:

1. Close the borders.
2. Establish a Ministry for Repatriation.
3. Call in the military to help the police.
4. Re-define your country’s immigration policies – make them up-to-date.

That should do the trick!


PRESS RELEASE: SIOE-demo: Ban halal slaughtering in EU! Bruxelles


Join the SIOE-demo in Brussels on February the 8th against halal slaughtering in EU!

EU is about to press through a legalisation of halal slaughtering in all EU despite the different countries specific laws in this field.

Join us in Brussels, February the 8th on Place du Luxembourg at 1 pm., and show the European politicians and the rest of Europe that you are not going to compromise on this serious and ethical matter.

SIOE-demo on facebook

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SIOE Update

SIOE’s work on facebook:

Since last update we have welcomed the leaders of the new SIOE Norway Merete Hodne + Kjersti Margrethe Adelheid Gilje –  and Antonella Bertelli leader of SIOE Italy, and Michael Stürzenberger the new leader of SIOE Germany.

SIOE demonstration against the islamisation in Oslo, Norway together with Norwegian Defence League 15th December. Meeting place will be announced later. Let’s try to be as many as possible from all over Europe to this great event.

Regarding the media:
It is more and more obvious that the media is not on our side, but siding with islam. It is terrible but true. Not only are they siding with islam they are also deceiving and lying. It is very strange they protect a socalled religion that it in the end will be their executioners. They are cutting over the branch they are sitting on because Islam does not allow ANY free speech.
There is a war raging in the information battle space. All the bullets, bombs and bloodshed come as a resultat of what happends in that war.
We are working at a very extreme disadvantage because of the media, that’s why we now form SIOE’s Media group to take up the battle with the deceptive and lying media.

Listen to SION’s president Pamela Geller what to do about the media:

Join our media group here:

To fight against the islamisation we need money. An organisation without money is like a body without blood. That’s why we now have formed a group that is going to raise funds for SIOE’s work. Are you familiar with this work or do you find this work interesting please join our fundraising group.
SIOE Fundraising group:

We have also decided to make it possible to donate to SIOE or to pay a membership fee
There are two ways to pay membership fee:
From 2 € every month or
an annual payment from 20 €
When you have payed send a mail to and get a membership number.SIOE’s account:

IBAN: DK 91 9860 8890006605

We have also formed a think tank where everybody in the group is welcome to come with good ideas how to make SIOE grow and reverse the islamisation of our countries.
SIOE Think Tank:

To make our actions and demonstrations more organised and get more people to attend we have formed SIOE’s Demo and Action group where we will discuss actions and demo’s, coordinating travels etc.
Join here:

Best regards
Anders Gravers
Leader of SIOE
Member of Presidents council SION
Member of Advisory board SION