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Advisory to the government of Turkey

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Leaders from SIO will deliver this advise to the government of Turkey to the Turkish embassies around the world this coming Friday.

Advisory to the government of Turkey

The organizations “Stop Islamisation of Europe” and “Stop the Islamization of Georgia,” report that they are going to hold a rally of humanitarian assistance in support of ethnic minorities living in Turkey.
Both organisations note the Turkish government permits flotillas sailing to Israel to embark from ports in Turkey with no interference., In this regard, we ask the Turkish government not to interfere in the promotion of the convoy.
SIOE pre-states that among the passengers and volunteers will be well-known personalities: journalists and members of legislative bodies of both Georgia and other European countries.
The column of cars and trucks is for peaceful purposes and called “Rights and Freedom.”
We are purely a humanitarian and an information group acting to expose to the world the status of national minorities living in Turkey and to provide assistance to such minorities.
The date for moving “Rights and Freedom” convoys will be stated later.

Here is a link to the pdf-file where you can print it out:

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