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Urgent help needed for Christian Pakistanians


In an effort to raise funds for Farrukh Harrison Saif who through his World Vision in Progress Foundation is supporting 9 Christian Families currently suffering severe oppression under the Blasphemy Laws currently in place under Sharia Law in Pakistan. Farrukh’s own life was place in critical danger as he rescued his staff that were arrested for covering the current incident of the rape of a nine year old Christian girl who was raped due to her father’s refusal to convert from Christianity to Islam!
Help is needed now as the danger is increasing! Farrukh’s safe house is at risk of loss and if funds are not raised now, his life and the lives of 9 families in desperate need of support could lose their entire lives!
Please answer the call for help now! Bleesings to you all for you donations! Thank You.

Donate here:

World Vision in Progress Foundation
Account Number: 56202012968701
Branch Address: Bank Alfalah LTD
28, plot 292 & 266, sheet AM- 3 Forte Mention

5 thoughts on “Urgent help needed for Christian Pakistanians

  1. To you Anders Gravers a man of honor and valor! Thank you so much foryour contribution for this very worthy cause! More donations are needed! Please follow the example of Anders Gravers and be willing to preserve human life! Every contribution large or small is G-d’s work and your blessing! Thank you for your support in this critical hour!

  2. Thank you very Much, Mister Anders Gravers, for your great participation, on this cause.

    United, the Good shall Prevail,
    United, the Liberty shall overcome,
    United, the darkness will dissipate,
    United, the evil will be defeated,

  3. In an Urgent appeal to raise funds to the total of $3000.00 By Dec 15, 2011 World Vision in Progress must receive funds for the support of families that will be deprived of housing and food for the Christmas Season. Please help and make your donation today! More families are at risk day by day! One couple is currently facing the death penalty for false charges of burning a page from the Qur’an! Your donation can help these families have a chance to be housed and fed as all donations go directly to them by Western Union! Please help! You would bring many blessings under the ongoing oppression suffered by Christians in Pakistan

  4. I know this is not applicable to do this here, but I find it very hard to keep my quite from some evil. I am also interested in Pakistan, done couple of missionaries travel and known many Pakistani Christian and Muslim friends. I heard about this person F. Harrison from some way, when I traveled to Pakistan I come to known many narratives from different Pakistani Christians . I heard that he was involved in selling some Christian properties in Pakistan. One of the biggest allegation on Harrison is he had sold YMCA communal ground to Muslims land mafia. This ground was used by Christians to have crusades and big conventions in the cities, thousands of people can testify this . And now from many years Christians gathering is not taking place in Karachi, as YMCA ground has been given to Muslims land mafia group. Reliable sources says Mr. Harrison took huge bribe on it, to change or amend YMCA constitutions, some big names were also involved in this scam, that’s why Harrison did not went to prison even. Corruption is second name of Pakistan !!!

    There are thousands of Christians of Pakistan can tell you same story, especially from Karachi, for example talk to Bishop Ijaz Inayat of Karachi (you can follow him!/bishopdr.ijazinayat?sk=info ) , or other Christian reliable on the ground.
    Sometime it is good to have ground reality check.

    You know what was hard for me to hold myself, one place Harrison is involve selling one of most important Christian property to Musilm and on the other hand he is talking about the evil Islam, potrait himself as Messiah of Christian in Pakistan to save them from the wrath of Islam or Muslims but on the other hands people like him selling Christian properties to Muslims.

    Sir, it is upto you to belief or not on my narratives, and go check this reality from ground. I will fully urge you do not send him any money or to his foundation, this is all are fake to make western people fool over and over again.

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