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Statement from Anders Gravers about Breivik

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Breivik’s sickening and unforgivable act of terrorism must not be allowed to stop the entirely legitimate and important Islam-critics and their condemnation of the Islamisation of our countries. It is precisely because Islam has affected our community so ostentatiously and corrosively combined with the persistent attempts at ridiculing Islam’s critics that forced this murderous act upon the people of Norway and Europe.

We must continue to keep shouting about Islam’s abomination and raising awareness that Islam stands for coercion, violence, lack of freedom and discrimination against both men and women. The more we yell and get people to wake up to reality, the more we will help to avoid people like Breivik becoming so desperate about politicians, and their wilful ignorance towards the crystal-clear facts about Islam, that they go out and exercise the kind of terror we have just seen.

We must constantly and consistently keep throwing out facts about Islam to instil them in the minds of politicians and continue to engage politically in order to reverse this suicidal decline of our countries. We refuse to be boxed in by mad fools who make crazy comparisons and contrive false links between Breivik and peaceful organisations who abhor his actions. This terrible act of terrorism must actually inspire us to become even more persistent in our peaceful methods for an ever more free, democratic, secure community that our children and grandchildren can safely grow up in.

We must reverse the insane social disintegration where our daughters and sisters are now afraid to go out alone at night. They must once again be confident to walk as carefree people in our society on an equal footing with everyone else without the fear of being assaulted and raped by subhuman monsters with their completely warped view of the female gender that has been handed down generation after generation. Europe has fought for women’s and men’s equality over the last 100 years and we must remember that women achieved universal suffrage only in the 1920s and Denmark had the first woman government minister in 1924.

We should not be afraid of “the tone of the debate”. While we still have our freedom we must use fully use it and, lest we forget, we still have our law courts where one can be punished for libellous and defamatory statements. This system still works fine. Therefore, we must continue to call a spade a spade and the so-called prophet a paedophile highwayman, for that was what he was, if one bothers to read the various Islamic texts about the so-called prophet’s life and adventures.

It is not “tone of the debate” that is dangerous. That’s the point; there is no “tone of the debate” because all debate is stifled by the abuse hurled at Islam-critics. It is the lack of debate that triggered the madman Breivik to perpetrate his act of terrorism. It is the politically correct mantra with its repeated verbal head-kicking of Islam-critics, while ignoring the facts about Islam, that is dangerous. It is the attempt to silence criticism of Islam together with the attempt to ridicule or to brand as extreme the people who fight for their country and for their children and grandchildren’s future that is dangerous. It is this kind of suppression that can help to get people like Breivik to lose their temper and go berserk. This must not happen again.

Let us together continue our work for Europe and let’s make it even more tenacious. Open the eyes of people in your vicinity and get them to understand what Islam is and what fatal influence it has on our country. Shout at your politicians and continue shouting even if you feel that they have decided not to listen. At some point it will succeed.

We must not give up for fear of being boxed in, because we know what we’re talking about and those who defend Islam either know not what they are talking about or they are prepared to convert. Neither can we take seriously. We have our countries to fight for and we have an obligation to leave our countries to our children and grandchildren in the condition we received it, namely secure, free and with equality.

We promise that we will never surrender Europe to Islam’s followers – never!


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