SIOE – Stop Islamisation of Europe

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Plain truth from the quran revealed: British Imam shows the fate of the “kuffars”.

This is a head story this week many places. In fact Abu Waleed already said this in January documented on Memri TV.

Hitler may have got the ideas of the separation of lower people and “die herren folk” from the quran. It is a propaganda technic to make your enemies less worth than the lowest creatures on Erth, then noone will stand up for them when they are discriminated, tortured or even killed. Everybody thought it was a technique the Germans had invented against the jews but in fact it came from the quran. It is a system to humiliate the people you have defeated so much that they want to convert to islam so they can live a decent life.

Listen to what is waiting for you and your family if these people get the possibility to rule:

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