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Greece threaten to send Jihadists and illegal immigrants to Europe

I’m still not quite sure if I should laugh or not. I would probably have posted this as a Friday laugh if it wasn’t Monday. The same time though I guess we have to be aware that it only takes a handful of crazy politicians to make or break Europe and our culture. Not just Europe, perhaps the world.

greece defence minister


Crazy Greece defence minister Panos Kammenos

So troubled Greece threatens Europe to send Jihadists over unless we pump some more money into their ill economy. I won’t go into the topic of the EU and Greece as we don’t really want to discuss too much politics here. Our main concern is Islamization. And it is a concern indeed as Islamization nowadays seems to be used as handy threat among our own. Isn’t it scary that politicians are quite happy to sacrifice our countries and culture? It’s even more scary considering those countries to the east of Europe are there to protect us the most from Islamization. Sharing a border with Turkey, Greece has a huge potential to do us real harm. Especially in these troubled times.


Samantha Herron

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Succesful demonstration – nr. 5 out of 25 demonstrations this year

DENMARK: Last week SIAD had the 5th NO MORE ISLAM!- demonstration in our every-second-monday row of demonstrations where we gather people from the different towns in where we demonstrate.
There will be 19 more demonstrations before we will demonstrate in Copenhagen to demand the politicians to stop the insane suicidal politics they are showing now. Denmark are at the moment receiving more Syrian regufees than 15 european countries altogether ! Worth to mention is that the Danish population is only 5 million people!
It was a very succesful demonstration where we got new supporters and for the first time families with kids participated in the demonstration – a good sign. But of course there was a counter demonstration arranged by the communist fraction , Enhedslisten, who sits in parliament.
Before the demonstration the media only let the counter demonstrators speak in the newspapers and did not let us defend ourselves, so when the newspaper had the nerve to send two journalists and a photografer to our demonstration, we asked them to leave and go for their partners in the counter demonstration.
The journalists got very angry when Anders Gravers denied to shake their hands when they came and Anders made everybody shout “lying media, lying media”.
Because of the bad attitude to our demonstration we have now chosen a town nearby to make our next demonstration in 14 days.

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Islamic State are bulldozing our history and heritage


….and our governments sit back and let them go ahead. The Taliban have done it and of course we all knew Islamic State are going to do it as well. Finishing the work they started last week in Iraq when damaging ancient statues with hammers, they now have bulldozed everything down. It’s an angry and violent attempt to erase out culture and history from the face of the earth until there is nothing left but the lies of Islamic State.

It may seem petty to get angry about losing some old dusty rocks somewhere in the desert of Iraq, but there is much more to it. It has once been the land of civilized people. It once belonged to people who were willing to live together in peace without a fascist government torturing and suppressing people. By destroying the ancient symbols of those people and days gone by ISIL send out a clear message. It’s the message of intolerance for anybody else but them, their cult and their way of life. But not just that. It’s the message of war. The “we will get rid of you and anything that ever belonged to you”.

tabliban statue

History repeating itself – this picture was taken when the Taliban destroyed heritage

Those old figures, cultural heritage of centuries won’t come back. They are destroyed and gone. Will our freedom come back I wonder?

By Samantha Herron

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UK – Director of “Muslim rights group” refuses to condemn stoning of adulterous women

Asim Qureshi has annoyed me quite a lot this week and he just topped it off again. See, for all our readers who are not living in the UK, you probably don’t quite understand (sorry). Living here is like living in a muslim country. It is normal to support stoning of women and discriminate homosexuals, jews, or whoever else doesn’t live according to sharia law. Don’t believe me? Well our state news channel, the BBC is more than happy to go along with it and still does not condemn or work against these kind of people.

What age do we live in I sometimes wonder. All this hard work we’ve put it to move forward and develop – our modern society seems to step back day by day a little further.

Check this out, the BBC interview of Cage Director Asim Qureshi who runs an official Human Rights Group in the UK.

stoning women

By Samantha Herron