SIOE – Stop Islamisation of Europe

Succesful demonstration – nr. 5 out of 25 demonstrations this year

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DENMARK: Last week SIAD had the 5th NO MORE ISLAM!- demonstration in our every-second-monday row of demonstrations where we gather people from the different towns in where we demonstrate.
There will be 19 more demonstrations before we will demonstrate in Copenhagen to demand the politicians to stop the insane suicidal politics they are showing now. Denmark are at the moment receiving more Syrian regufees than 15 european countries altogether ! Worth to mention is that the Danish population is only 5 million people!
It was a very succesful demonstration where we got new supporters and for the first time families with kids participated in the demonstration – a good sign. But of course there was a counter demonstration arranged by the communist fraction , Enhedslisten, who sits in parliament.
Before the demonstration the media only let the counter demonstrators speak in the newspapers and did not let us defend ourselves, so when the newspaper had the nerve to send two journalists and a photografer to our demonstration, we asked them to leave and go for their partners in the counter demonstration.
The journalists got very angry when Anders Gravers denied to shake their hands when they came and Anders made everybody shout “lying media, lying media”.
Because of the bad attitude to our demonstration we have now chosen a town nearby to make our next demonstration in 14 days.

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