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Operation Mare Nostrum – Europes Suicide

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Report on italian MARE NOSTRUM operation: how they’re extending the Schengen Treaty  to non-European Countries



The Pope visited Lampedusa island and said : ‘Come Brothers’ (they are nearly all muslims)–Africas-gateway-Europe.html

A few months later, the italian Enrico Letta Government started the ‘Mare Nostrum’ (ancient latin term wich means ‘Our Sea’) operation. The Interior’s Minister Angelino Alfano  announced it:

Thus the Defense (???) Ministry organized sea rescue operations, to be extended also into international areas:

Cost of operations: €300.000 /day, over €9 Million per month.

A strange detail: the immigrants are tranferred on the Italian Navy ships after they pay thousands of dollars/person to the the mafia / traffickers of human beings.

The same italian Minister Alfano admits that among the transferred persons Al Quaeda members could hide ( brilliant man !!! pity that he is the Interior Minister since 2 years, and, as he declared in the Italian Parliament, ‘he is very proud of the Mare Nostrum operation’…with his 2,2% of votes in the last elections…….):

Official data say that 40.000 immigrants are already transferred to Italy, others estimate they are much more.

About 800.000 people are estimated to wait on African coasts for a transfer to come in Europe.


Bus and air transfers are organized from South to the North of Italy: North railway Stations there are plenty of bivouacs of people waiting to travel towards North EU Countries

An alert arose from Police Unions and from Militar Navy because of tubercolosis cases detected, between the rescue employees:;jsessionid=CACE46C3753E1F3EEA35B5986723F936

Ebola disease outbreaks out of control in Africa, from international medical sources:

EU Relationships – While Italy continues these operations, Spain is using European funds to reject clandestin immigrants:


Italy acts as a Vatican colony:  several Italian politicians serve the Vatican State, instead of Italian people (let’s forget EU peoples); those politicians should resign and go to missions in Africa.

Italy is now asking for EU help: these operations should be agreed with EU before, and not after such autonomous decisions.

While Italians have to wait 1 year in queue for certain medical examinations because of public financial shortages, this Contry is spending over 9 Millions € per month to be invaded, and In Italy due to economic crisis, about 40% of young peoples are jobless and without subsidies; others who lose job and house are let without any help.

Those immigrants and clandestins benefit of italian public grants.

Often more they escape to any control, are found in ghettos and fall in organized criminality.

All the italian jails and prisons are full and overpopulated by immigrants.

Antonella Bertelli – SIOE Italy.

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