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SIOE’s first step in exposing Soros


Thank you to SIOE Italy leader Antonella for taking SIOE’s first step against Soros.
Anders Gravers, SIOE

soros_bw1On Feb 28th, 2014 SIOE Italy organized a flash mob in Bologna, during a workshop of project ‘At home in Europe’ organized by the Open Society Foundations of George Soros (the financial speculator who caused a severe crisis to the English Pound and the Italian Lira in 1992).
This workshop was reserved to indoctrinate local politicians, how to make people to accept new mosques building in the Italian towns.

Obviously the flash mob participation was very limited, also due to the lack of parties who normally declare to fight islamic cult sites building.
Those parties rather were participating to this workshop !
Please give special attention to the ‘Open Government’ project, sustained by Soros several foundations (, and watch the behaviour of politicians who participated to such initiatives, evidently after that something CHANGEs….
We exprimed our dissent to the District President who hosted this workshop; she publicly denied that the Open Society Foundations were involved.
This sounds rather strange, since the sponsorship was printed in the workshop’s invitation & advertising, as you can also see in the attached link.
We all know who George Soros is, and the huge damages he did in the world by his speculations.
His foundations should be put out of law in Europe, to avoid parties financing.
We don’t need him at all, since we have a millenary history, and know how tonorganize our society !

Videoclip of the flash mob:

Antonella Bertelli – SIOE Italy

2 thoughts on “SIOE’s first step in exposing Soros

  1. Educating muslims is not a way out as Osama Bin Laden himself was an Engineer. Governments across the globe are not going to ban Islam and this is a plain truth.

    I feel the only thing that we could do is allow Muslims to follow Sheri-ah Laws. I mean in its fullest and hardest manner. Every country should have two legal systems, one Sheri-ah for Muslims and the other, the normal legal system. A Muslim if and only if he converts from Islam to any other religion will be tried under the normal law. Other wise he is open to all the dangers of Sheri-ah Laws including Burk-ha, no education, Stoning, capital punishments, whipping in public etc. Any Muslim should have the option to denounce Islam even after he is caught in a crime. Then he shall not be punished under Shari-ah, but the normal legal system. Every Police station in the country should have an officer in charge to make sure Muslims are following Shari-ah. If not Strict punishments shall follow.

    If you can do this, Muslims will start running away from Islam and they will understand the stupidity in following their religion.

  2. If you love freedom it is your duty to end George Soros. Someone, somewhere must have an opportunity. Take it and save the world.

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