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The application is to be heard in Cambridge County Court at 10.00am on 17th January 2014 by His Honour the District Judge Underwood.


The application was madeby Miss Sareeta Webra and who is being assisted by Stephen Gash.

When requested, copies of documents will be forwarded as attachments to emails as pdf documents. Such documents include detailed reasoning and examples which are summarised below.

The application has been made broadly for the following reasons:-

  1. Gathering of public voting data on the Mill Road Mosque construction has not been conducted lawfully, if at all.


  1. A significant number of complaints have been forwarded to Cambridge County Council about the mosque’s construction. It would appear comments in support of the mosque have been replicated to make it seem as if support outweighs objection.


  1. It is well documented that many so-called Muslim charities are fronts for Islamic terrorism and that several of those cited are based in the United Kingdom.


Therefore, mosque construction must be halted until Prime Minister David Cameron’s proposed legalisation of sharia-based finance in the UK, including the first sharia finance bond outside of a Muslim country, is investigated by police, the National Audit Office, Financial Ombudsman, the Financial Conduct Authority and any other authority responsible for preventing money laundering and the financing of terrorism


  1. Islamic practices contravene numerous sections of the Sex Discrimination Act 2010 and such discrimination is openly preached and practised in mosques.


Claimant Sareeta Webra founder of Sikhs Against Sharia (SAS) said, “As a first generation English Sikh I am alarmed at how Islamic discrimination against non-Muslims is defended, condoned and even encouraged, by the British establishment.  Sikhism was founded in 1469 specifically to combat violent Muslim oppression and persecution of non-Muslims in the Indian Subcontinent.  The bravery of those Sikh founders has been punished with the partition of the Sikh homeland in India.  Now it seems the British establishment is sowing the seeds of sharia in England.  As a consequence the thistles of social division will spring up and choke the flowers of freedom my parents came to England to savour”.


In over 1000 years of Islamic invasions of India the concept of “Moderate Muslim” was never created because it simply is not true.  Islam dictates its followers to put their religion before the defence of the realm within which it resides.  That is a fact.  If anything, they are better described a “Sharia Muslims” because that is indeed, their PRESCRIPTIVE religion’s true title, and the only one of this type remaining in the world today.”


“David Cameron’s Sukuk Dream Team has seriously overlooked the fact that there are absolutely no provisions for Sharia-Law based fiat-financial instruments found in any legislation or statute. A remarkable move by a desperate cabinet grappling to hide the proceeds of Saudi-Oil Barons’ baksheesh barter; by making the entire general public guilty of the same financial crime?

Moreover, England is a COMMON LAW JURISDICTION where EQUALITY is mandatory, and therefore even if such ridiculous separatist financial products were granted; they would only be allowed if they were available to EVERYONE, including NON-MUSLIMS i.e. Sikhs, Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists, Agnostics, Jedi, etc.


Sharia finance doesn’t just mean interest-free loans.  Muslims say it is decreed by allah and it will be Muslim clerics deciding how the money is distributed. We wouldn’t let Christian vicars decide who gets a loan and who doesn’t, so we should not let Muslim clerics discriminate against non-Muslims, as they surely will.”


Stephen Gash, co-founder of top Islamisation Of Europe (SIOE) said, “Obviously, checks and balances are not currently in place to ensure that Muslim charities based in England, in particular, are not siphoning cash to fund terror.  Sharia finance does not outlaw the funding of Islamic paramilitary action through compulsory zakat.  Indeed, it is clearly mandated in the Koran that Muslims must make war on the infidel who dwell around them (Sura 9:123).


We have recently seen the fruits of Islamic teachings with the muder of Lee Rigby.  Those found guilty clearly explained their actions were motivated by Islamic teachings, only for David Cameron to skip out like “Buttons” in a pantomime and say ‘Oh no it isn’t.’  “


Sareeta Webra explained “Elephants are a sacred animal in India, so it pains me to say this, but until British politicians stop skirting around the elephant in the room, namely sharia and Islamic teachings in general, then we can never have a grown-up debate about the place, if any, of Islam in English society.  Mosques across the Islamic world teach Muslims that they are superior in every way to non-Muslims.  Parliamentarians need to accept that all Islamic teachings are sharia law based, which flagrantly oppose Human Rights legislation confirmed in both EU and English law, so no more mosques must be built in England until English law is made superior to sharia law with all its inherent discrimination. 


Sharia Law must be eradicated in its entirety.  Anyone wishing to eat meat, marry, work, reproduce etc must do so like the rest of us under the law of their respective country.  The Scottish for instance, live under English Law in England, and are not subject to Scottish Law.  The same is compulsory for all Muslims.  No alien religious laws must be allowed in England.”


Stephen Gash continued, “No Muslim country is signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but each has signed the Cairo Declaration that enshrines sharia law, that in turn ensures the dominance of Muslims over the ‘kuffar.’ This is intolerant attitude is evidenty being taught in mosques in England. 


Islam is a problem for Muslims to solve and because they wilfully refuse to solve their problem, Muslims have made themselves a problem for everybody else.”“


Sareeta Webra said, “The English Reformation and foundation of the Church of England started in Cambridge and is celebrated with a plaque on King’s College.  Cambridge is the last bastion of Christianity in England and must not fall to Islam, which the construction of the Mill Road mosque clearly intends for Cambridge.  I am myself a believer in Jesus Christ the Saviour and have become so without in any way abandoning my Sikhism and love for the Khalsa.  Cambridge University has immense respect across the world as an academic institution which is why Cambridge has been targeted as the location for what can only be described as a symbol of Islamic dominance.”


Stephen Gash said, “Cambridge must not become a hub for funding international terrorism by having a triumphalist mosque dumped within it.


Fine words are not enough.


Proper financial accounting must be employed within existing mosques before any more mosques are built in England, including the proposed Mill Road Mosque.”


Sareeta Webra concluded,


“Children born in England, a country renowned for its fairness and equality, ought to be brought up solely subject to English Laws.  We must not allow this to be jeopardised by a doctrine that promotes hatred for fellow humans under the guise of a religion.  As practicing Sikhs, Hindus & Buddhists originating from India we are not allowed to ignore the law of this land or try to supersede it!


Ignorance is not an excuse in the eyes of the law, something that the proper constabularies of yesteryear enforced very well.”


Some sources for background notes served with the application.


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