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Farrukh Saif – SIOE writer and Christian human rights activist – shot in Pakistan


We received the terrible message about the shooting of Farrukh Saif the day he was shot but he is now better. Here is the mail we received from Farrukh where he tells about the incident:

On 12th Nov,2011 ,at about 10:30 we were coming from a village No.34 -Mureedkay . It was a case of forcibly conversion which led us in that village. Two of my staff members was with me , Driver Ejaz Hussein (A Converted Christian) and my security person (Waris Masih ) .
As we left the village and very near to the Main road through a link road a motor bike from front side came and stopped us . Both of the unidentified persons came near to our vehicle and making hot conversation with my driver , then drag Ejaz from the vehicle in the same time Waris Masih comes out of the vehicle. Both of them were having a fight with them ,suddenly a second motorbikes from back side get there , they were also two people in the ,as they arrived there, I immediately came out of my vehicle without noticing that they having weapons . They open straight firing on me , my security person push me out of the range of the bullet but it hit me under my armpit on the back of my left chest they continued firing on us , the second bullet hits me on my left thigh . When from surrounding people run to see what is happening they left us on ground and run. My staff and few people brought me to the hospital where doctors operated me for two hours.

God has saved me and given me new life to work more powerfully for his glory and power in this country. My driver Ejaz has some minor injuries, on head and on right arms and my security person Waris Masih had minor fracture in his right feet and left hand. This whole incident has given us new inspiration to work more powerful for the glory of God in Pakistan.

3 thoughts on “Farrukh Saif – SIOE writer and Christian human rights activist – shot in Pakistan

  1. Another great example from the so called relegion of peace in wolves clothing

    Nigeria Christmas Day Church Bombings – radical Muslim sect has claimed responsibility

  2. worldwide struggle against Fascistic islam is every free person’s most URGENT task & obligation to stand for.Here in Greece,the neighboring Turkic cryptomuslim regime is sending out literally THOUSANDS of poor souls -ALL MUSLIMS- in a hidden agenda to overpopulate Greece with an Islamic minority of millions when the native islamic minority was under 140,00 people in a total of 11,000,000 orthodox christians,just until recently,and now exceeds 1,500,000 miserable jobless people,who except from the ever increasing murder & rape rates, in their effort to survive ,they smuggle, steal,or even come to the point to eat our domestic pets as dogs n cats,pigeons or anything they can get their hands on,mainly in Athens as it’s lately reported..therefore i am in deep support of your cause and in deep gratitude that such an organization even exist cause all politicians here are traitors and support the migration of the islamic plague!

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