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More victims of the blasphemy laws

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Rashid Emmanuel

Rashid Emmanuel and Sajid Emmanuel were assassinated on 19th July 2010 in the session court of Faisalabad City –(Punjab Province ) of Pakistan. Both were arrested with the false charges of committee Blasphemy against the Prophet of Islam.

On 19th July when they reach in the session court three gunmen opened fire from point blank reign. Sajid died on the spot whereas Rashid was taken to the hospital where he were fighting for his life, but due to the threat of the extremists doctors did not treat and him after three hours Rashid also expired.

Even after their death Muslim radicals tried to burn their house as well as their bodies, however due to the intervention of the international organizations the local government protected the Christian colony.
Rashid’s family flee from their native place and hid somewhere. Lateron world vision in progress foundation with the help of International Organization Rescue Christian Organzation – which is a sister ministry of Walid Sheobat Foundation – relocated them and provided them safe-Home.
Like Rashid there are many other victims of Blasphemy laws which are still in the jails or assassinated by the Muslims extremists to win the heavens for themselves.

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