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Constitutional position of the Religious Minorities in Pakistan

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The Original Constitution of Pakistan did not discriminate between Muslims and Religious minorities in Pakistan, but the Amendments made by the Military ruler Zia -ul-Haq as awaken the Islamization and promote extremism in the society , the controversial Hudood Ordinance and Shariat Courts as given so much strengthen to all the radical Muslims .

Later now when Muhammad Nawaz Sharif took the charge of elected Prime Minister of Pakistan he enforced Shariat Bill in May 1991, and again promoted the Anti-Christian Elements in the society. The Amendment made by Zia ,and empowerment provided by the Sharifs Government created new war between the Religious Minorities in Pakistan , this whole system de-stabilized the peace and harmony amongst different Beliefs /Faiths many Christians , Ahmadis , Hindus, even moderate Muslims were effected by these radical Amendments .

Brutal killings of innocent people and the targeting and demolishing their places of worship are not new trend for the minorities in Pakistan .Religious leaders of Christian Churches strongly condemned attacks and demanded for the high level investigation or judicial inquiry and exemplary punishment to all the culprits responsible for this deliberate outrage yet very little has been done in this regard.

The Christian leaders favorable votes in Round Table Conferences in London from 1930-1933 and Boundary Commission made possible the creation of Pakistan. But the hate among different religious communities was created by the government of Pakistan. The Muslim policy makers forgot the positive role of Christians in formation of Pakistan. The touch ability experienced by Muslim of sub continent by Hindus was now diverted towards Christians from Muslims of Pakistan.

The attitude of hate in society was created in such a way that the Christians were unable to dine in public places owned by Muslims. The religion Christianity was taken as second class in Pakistan and Christians faced immense problems in education and employments. As the economic conditions of Muslims of Pakistan improved, they stated working on constitution to legislate such laws against Christians to make them second class citizens.

In such circumstances when the Christian nation in Pakistan who were the son of the soil, not immigrant like Muslims majority who in different periods of history invaded India from middle east and Central Asia and settled. Again, after independence of Pakistan migrated from different parts of India in Pakistan. But after independence these Muslim immigrants declared themselves the owner of this land crushing sons of soil. The Muslims majority very slowly started to make Christians the second class citizens in Pakistan.

Therefore as Christians of Pakistan we have to decide to struggle for the equal basic democratic rights for the Christians of Pakistan.

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