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One Law for All really wants one boot for all


Maryam Namazie of One Law for All

Here is another attack on SIOE by Maryam Namazie’s One Law for All Enemies-not-Allies-web-version1   .pdf

Our sister organisation SIOA was also attacked and soundly rebuffed by Robert Spencer on Frontpage Magazine When Marxist Anti-Semitic “Anti-Jihadists” Attack

What Maryam Namazie wants you to believe is that racism has nothing to do with race. For the record SIOE is very hardline against Islam and
Muslims, especially the so-called moderate Muslims. Evidence unfailingly exposes that so-called moderate Muslims voted the jihadist Recep Tayyip Erdogan into power in Turkey again this year, with an increased vote and majority, and that this kind of result is replicated across the Muslim world.

Moderate Muslims are the real enemies, in SIOE’s opinion, because they are the ones permittting and often encouraging the so-called radicals’ takeover. They are the smokescreen for Islamisation. Why else are so-called radicals gaining power in Muslim countries?

Maryam Namazie fails to address the points SIOE made, that she quoted in her piece, but merely hurls the pejorative epithet “racist”
around willy nilly. Both ex-Muslims and those who have fled persecution by Muslims are more often than not as hardline as SIOE . These people do not suddenly change race to combat Islamisation and condemn the self-asserted hubris of Muslims. Maryam Namazie’s accusations are both hollow and absurd.

One Law for All uses the usual communist tactic of guilt by association, using long past associations, if they even existed, to cast doubt
on what SIOE and SIOA are about.

Stephen Gash has been on demonstrations alongside, not with, Maryam Namazie, but this does not make him a communist, nor does it make her sensible and rational like Anders and Stephen. It does not even make her and Stephen associates.

SIOE declared on its (now hacked and unrestorable) website that it was separate from other anti-Islamist groups in the UK. It encouraged
people to join whatever organisation suited them best. So, SIOE does not regard other organisations either as competitors or compatriots. Rather we recognise that defeating Islamisation requires a broad front, including One Law for All. Fortunately, supporters of One Law for All also support SIOE, though may not be as hardline as its leadership. However, they recognise what is happening in Europe.

Maryam Namazie fails to grasp that people are far more sophisticated in opposing Islam than her notion of one boot for all. It is either her way or no way. Her opposition to SIOE is more to do with our banning communists from openly parading their communist symbols on our demonstrations than anything to do with what she accuses us of, in our opinion.

We have had gay communists and gay (what Maryam Namazie would call) far right people on our demos who, under other circumstances, would have some considerable degree of enmity between each other, but who bury their differences to defend gay rights against Muslim persecution. They have stood alongside people who do not support gay rights, when opposing sharia banking and Kuffarphobia, for example. This is a concept Maryam Namazie is just incapable of understanding let alone condoning.

We could give other examples of politically disparate people coming together to fight Islam on SIOE demos, but it would merely invoke a blank-look from Maryam and her communist cohorts; so why bother?.

We in SIOE have persistently spoken up for Copts, Hindus and Buddhists being genocidally persecuted in Muslim countries, which is indeed why we call ourselves a human rights group.

We are hardline against the actions (and inactions) of Muslims because we consider we are in a war and therefore we defend our culture
robustly. We make no apology for it.

Previous attack by One Law for All (racism has nothing to do with race – take care not to split your sides laughing)

10 thoughts on “One Law for All really wants one boot for all

  1. This hideous obnoxious ideology must be destroyed!!!

  2. Preserving free speech is more important than preventing hate speech!!!

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  8. I too found Namazie’s report to be a disgraceful distortion of the truth. Generally speaking, I am glad to say that my rebuttal of her allegations against SIOE has been supported by my readers.

    I was wondering what had happened to your old site and am sorry to learn that it was hacked. A new link has now been added to this blog.

  9. England is very unlucky with its immigrants. To have an immigrant from Iran like Namazie who opposes the religion which built the UK and then having her force her own brand of belief (communism) under the guise of fighting Islam, is bizarre! But why worry, she will never achieve Aryan Hirsi Ali status.

  10. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I mean!

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