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SIOE has no links with Breivik and will denounce anyone praising him


Anders Gravers and Stephen Gash say once again that the alleged (he hasn’t stood on trial yet and we do not want to attract a law suit) mass murderer Anders Breivik was refused entry onto Stop Islamisation Of Europe’s (SIOE’s) Facebook group and international group.

We can say beyond all reasonable doubt that he was never a member of SIOE under any pseudonym.

Neither Anders Gravers nor Stephen Gash received Breivik’s so-called manifesto and neither had any direct contact with Breivik.

SIOE is structured so that the various national groups have some degree of autonomy, but the founders have insisted that various groups stay within the rules and philosophy laid out at SIOE’s inception. We have been criticised as being too authoritarian, but our control has always been exercised to safeguard SIOE and its supporters from the actions of some who would bring discredit to the anti-Islamist movement.  It is true to say that we never even envisaged the kind of horror that happened in Norway. That was beyond our wildest imaginations.

So, we make no apology for our methods as we have been proven right. SIOE is in no way associated with Breivik or his actions.

SIOE does NOT warn or threaten with the notion that the authorities “must take notice of SIOE and other groups or similar actions will happen”. We honestly believe anti-Islamist groups will NOT carry out terrorist attacks. At the very most there might be an escalation in actions where mosques are invaded in the same way the Peter Tatchell’s gay rights group disrupted the Church of England Synod. Definitely no more than that.

Civil dissent by some groups may increase, but certainly no violence will be committed or encouraged by SIOE.

The only warning SIOE issues is that any supporter or leader condoning Breivik and Breivik-type actions, or claiming any contact with Breivik will be unceremoniously and permanently thrown out of SIOE and denounced. SIOE supporters are decent law-abiding people peacefully voicing their concerns about the undoubted and unwanted Islamisation of their continent.

4 thoughts on “SIOE has no links with Breivik and will denounce anyone praising him

  1. It’s disturbing that people are trying to link these horrible events with Robert Spencer and others and just shows how demented the thinking patterns of these people and groups are. to place blame with others is dangerous, irresponsible.

  2. Indeed.

    I heard that one of the voices of reason in Canada, Terak Fatah, founder of the moderate Canadian Moslem Congress and author of “The Jew is not my enemy” is fighting cancer; I heard him speak in Vancouver and own this book. Please spare a thought for this Islamic voice of reason in a Canada that will not be Islamicised because of such reasonable men as Terek Fatah. I wish him a return to good health and more words of moderation.

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