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The evil, deceitful comparison


Muslims are not the “New Jews”.

Jihadic anti-Jew hatred is alive and well in Europe, which is of course one of the many reasons Stop Islamisation of Europe exists.

In Denmark the truth-twister Asmaa Abdol Hamid has posted a gallery of images on her Facebook pages comparing Israel’s defensive battle with Hitler’s extermination program which, as we know, ended in the Holocaust.

Abdol Hamid’s gallery revels in death porn, showing ugly and offensive images that Facebook only removed after complaints by SIOE followers. This made a refreshing change as SIOE’s critics have successfully had profiles and images deleted by Facebook, not because they were graphic and offensive in the manner of Asmaa Abdol Hamid’s, but merely because they criticised Islam.

ABDOL HAMID’S GALLERY IS BACK ON FACEBOOK – favouritism for Muslim’s once more.

Incredibly many Islam critics have had their profiles deleted without any reason, including SIOE coordinator Anders Gravers. He has had his profile removed three times without having violated Facebook’s rules while Abdol Hamid has been allowed to demonize an entire people, namely Jews. This is apparently becoming quite normal, since Danish mainstream media are also taking part in the rabble-rousing against Israel.

Snaphanen produced an explanation of media tactics in the article called “Danish media’s demonization of Israel” and perhaps also the reason why nobody initially responded to her demonization of Jews. It cannot be because they are unsuspecting of what she does because she is friends with several TV personalities, among them Clement Kjaersgaard.

It is amazing that the response to Asmaa Abdol Hamid’s pictures and commentary associated with them was so slow in coming. Well perhaps not, as the whole Western media are driven by Jew-hatred, but disguise it under the burkha of “anti-Zionism”.

Here we see a picture where grinning German soldiers keep watch over the Jews, who later end up in the crematoriums and the picture with which it is compared and was supposed to be just as bad, is an Israeli soldier being threatened and then responds by raising his rifle

Here we see some Jews who have hidden themselves being arrested by German soldiers to later end up in the crematoriums and the image Asmaa wants us to believe is just as bad is a bunch of Palestinians are being checked at a checkpoint

Here we see a bunch of Jews recently arrived in a concentration camp where they will eventually end up in the crematoriums. The picture should be compared with the first and merelyshows again a checkpoint image. None of these people end up getting killed

Here we see again an arrest of Jews who are likely ended up in the Nazi extermination camps and the photo for comparison showing a Palestinian who undergoes a search for a detonation device.

Palestinian suicide bombers after all not an unfamiliar concept in Israel as can be seen in this video.

The woman was visiting an Israeli hospital to continue being treated for burns.

Deliberately bombing a hospital where one is being helped merely because the medical staff are Jews is the act of a true Nazi or Muslim (as decreed by Mohammed who personally beheaded 900 Jews in a single day which is why Hitler loved Islam so much)…

Jewish prisoners being humiliated by Nazi soldiers. The comparison picture shows a Palestinian woman who is not allowed to cross the checkpoint, for what reason we do not know, but the woman does not end in an Israeli mass extermination and die – because they do not exist – and therefore the comparison is a hole in the head

The whole of Abdol Hamid’s Israel-hating gallery can be seen here. We do not want to show the whole Asmaa Abdol Hamid’s revelry in the death porn:

4 thoughts on “The evil, deceitful comparison

  1. these bladdy mulamics want to put the iraqi law down on london dey got muslamic ray gans all over the place, we need to go on a marrch to let people no that we want bitun 2 be bout bitish BITUN 2BE BOUT BITISH AND THEY WANNA STOP ME FROM EATIN BACON .


    Nuff luv 4 the SIOE nah meen

    from the muslamic town of Harrow

  2. Coptic Bishop Warns Native Germans About Islam: “You´re up Next!”

  3. England: No-Go Areas for Kuffar (Non-Muslims)

  4. You know, there is a “little” difference between Israel and hitler’s Germany.
    Germany was not attacked by 6 jewish armies 3 times, Germany was not surounded by 21 hostil jewish states, germans had not been blown up in their public transport by jewish suicide bombers, germans didn’t proposed state to jews, Germany had not jews in their parlament, they had not jewish doctors, judiciary, teachers etc. Germans didn’t supplied jews with 6000 tons of aid everyday, germans didn’t gave to jews all their ancient cities etc.

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