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Muslims are NOT the new Jews


Muslims are NOT the new Jews

SIOE is hearing more and more from Muslims that they are the “New Jews” meaning that what
happened to Jews before and during the Holocaust is happening to them in the West now.

This is the most deceitful, dishonest, disingenuous and disgusting argument ever made in the defence of Islamisation.

Here is an interview with Anders Gravers on Russia Today’s “Cross Talk” programme, in which the Islamist Mohammed Shafiq uses the “New Jews” argument.

Anders Gravers deftly responds to all the arguments put up by Shafiq and defeats each one with the

Truth always defeats Islam, despite the self-styled prophet Mohammed declaring “war is deceit”.
Well, to be truthful, both truth and and iron will have defeated Islam across the centuries. Thank goodness iron will is returning to the West with the burkha being banned in France, and halal food being taken off menus (at least for politicians in England, if no one else).

Please notice how the “discussion” quickly became three against Anders, including the RT presenter, and how it was Anders who was interrupted for advertisements. Flabby spines are still in evidence in most sections of the media, but public opinion always wins in the end.

Also, Mohammed Shafiq suggested that Islam was “in Europe’s DNA”. Any Islamic DNA put into Europe before the 20th century was done so by the rape by Muslim Moorish and Ottoman hordes.

The irony of that is that the offspring of such tragedies were born non-Muslims and ultimately helped defeat the big lie that is Islam.

The Bible’s Old Testament is often compared with the Koran, especially the violence recorded in both.

There is a big difference between the Old Testament and the Koran. The Old Testament is descriptive, whereas the Koran is prescriptive, in other words a manual for Jihad and the inevitable violence. This is how Islam was spread and defiled parts of the world for centuries, at the point of a bloody sword. Islam is a proselytising theocratic regime where absolutely anything goes in order for it, and therefore Muslims, to take control.

Contrast this with the Jewish philosophy. Jews believe they are the chosen people. Whether non-Jews agree or disagree with this is immaterial. Judaism is not a proselytising religion. It is very difficult to become a Jew. The only sure way of becoming a Jew is if one’s mother was a Jew. This rule came about because of all the mass rapes perpetrated by Mohammed and his despicable followers, upon the Jews of the Arabian Peninsular. Such persecution by Muslims upon the Jews has continued ever since, and is still continuing. There is only one Jew left in Afghanistan out of a population that once numbered many thousands. This pattern is repeated across the parts of the world under the tyranny of Islam.

Indeed, in the Muslim Hadith Book 019, Number 4366: it has been narrated by ‘Umar b. al-Khattib that he heard the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) say: I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslim.

So the founding leader of Islam boasted about how he was an archetypal Jew-hater and expelled them from the Arabian Peninsular.

As well as being deceitful, dishonest, disingenuous and disgusting, the assertion that Muslims are the “New Jews” is damnably insulting to Jews. It insults the intelligence of any sane person who knows even a little about how Islam came to dominate and oppress millions of unfortunate people.

Which of the two people pictured below personally beheaded 900 Jewish men in a single day and gave the wives of the murdered men to his followers to rape and to be used as slaves?

Here’s a clue. It wasn’t Hitler.

Both Hitler and Mohammed were responsible for the genocide of millions of Jews. Their followers, Nazis and Muslims respectively, carried out heinous, murderous crimes against Jews.

Modern Nazis revere Hitler for the Holocaust. Muslims also revere Hitler for the Holocaust, which is why Mein Kampf (Jihad in Arabic) is reportedly the second highest selling book in Middle Eastern Muslim countries. The only book that out-sells Mein Kampf (banned in Austria and Germany) is that other Jew-hating manual for murder, the Koran.

Of course, Muslims believe that Mohammed was a paragon of manhood and that all Muslim men must aspire to be like this lying, raping, murderous piece of worthlessness. This is exactly why Jews must be on their guard against Islam, as indeed must the rest of the world’s non-Muslim population.

It also explains that while Islam exists, there will never be peace in the world. Note in the picture of Mohammed, his face is covered, not because of any shame, but because he is revered (presumably because he personally beheaded 900 Jews in a day, something Hitler never even ecstatically dreamed of doing).

Nazis used to say “Achtung Juden” when persecuting Jews. Muslims yell “allah u ackbar” when murdering Jews (and anybody else for that matter, but it has nothing to do with Islam you understand).

No, Muslims are not the “New Jews” they are the original Nazis. The original perpetrators of the anti-Jew Holocaust are the followers of Islam. Their self-styled prophet admitted as much and his official biography leaves us in no doubt about this.

The nazis gassed millions of Jews (and others) and it is Muslim “extremists” today who are the ones testing poison gases on dogs in preparation for use against Jews and the Kuffar.

4 thoughts on “Muslims are NOT the new Jews

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  2. Mohamd Shafiq says Anders blames the Bosnian Muslims for the war guess what Anders is right
    Sky Documentary

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  4. Jew or Muslim or Christian, as a religion, Monotheism unites these three branches more than their members ever know … in fact, each of the latter two, Christianity & Islam are built upon Judaic foundations .. otherwise the Bible would not have an “Old Testament” & half the Qur’an would be missing. Moreover, most of the restrictions in Islam are based on the same principles as the ultra-Orthodox Judaic ethos, a few, like 5 times a day prayer, are obviously inherited from the Christian priest’s “Orders” and throughout the Roman Catholic world church bells are rung at the same times of day as the Muslim call to prayer.

    As to Islam in Europe, the religion has been here for well over a thousand years, not necessarily in conflict. As to the warring states period of Mediterranean history where Muslim & Christian state systems were in conflict, aside from the political-economic foundations, crossings, conversions, & exchanges of ideas were as frequent as conflicts.

    As to the 20th century Muslim migration into Europe, it was part of a greater post-colonial diaspora from former colonial territories to their colonists homelands, mostly welcomed as a continuation of labour exploitation, now bringing cheap workers to the mainland and still in the former colonies under neo-colonial economic domination.

    Early immigrants were keen to adopt and adapt to the various European cultures, often letting go of whatever their native identities, or creating hyphenated identities French-Moroccan, German-Turkish, etc..

    But only with the reactionary worldwide rise of new religiosity, did identities of Muslim & Christian re-appear & strengthen differences. Perhaps the meteoric rise of Israel & militant Zionism added to this process, but which can be seen as much in Indian neo-Hindu nationalism & Chinese state promotion of neo-Confucianism against “Western” influences.

    The vast majority of immigrants from Muslim countries are relatively secular and include Islam as part of their national cultural identity more than as a religious identity. The greatest source for conflict & alienation that feed into a political Islam has to do with socio-economic conditions coupled with ethnocentrism & cultural-educational divides based as much as disproportionately less funding for local development & education in mainly immigrant geographical communities.

    If you compare ethnocentrism among Chinese, other East Asian, or South Asian immigrants, it is as strong if not far stronger in its exclusiveness, than among Muslim immigrants. If you dig into their local ethnic-language media you will see even more blatant anti-Western rhetoric & complaints about racism- always that directed against them, than their own racism directed against others outside their ethno-cultural sphere.

    Ethnocentrism & racism are global human phenomena, as common to people living side-by-side over millennia as toward strangers. The bottom line, however, is that modernity should dispel such narrow mindedness & cultural chauvinism … but it does not because a majority of humanity prefer prejudice against others — the psychologically dissimilar, visible alien “other” — to a greater task of learning about difference as a greater good & the benefits of cultural & social diversity … as opposed to the problems …

    In short, as most Christians have little knowledge of their religion, its theology, doctrines & history — with an even greater information, knowledge & understanding divide between Catholics, Protestants & Orthodox communities — so most Muslims are equally ignorant of their own religion other than local customs, or more problematically, current ideological movements, e.g. Salafi or Wahabi, promoted by Saudi Arabian money. So too, each of these communities have little to no knowledge about each other, especially their commonalities, which in reality of doctrine and theology are much greater than any of their differences.

    What is to be done? It is up to the governments, educational institutions, scholars, & NGOs of the host countries to educate the multitudes, of whatever ethno-religious persuasion, to disprove and disavow misunderstandings, especially populist rhetoric & ethno-nationalist ideologies. But throughout history, people prefer myth to fact, beliefs to knowledge, & local perceptions to the old adage … “the truth shall set you free”.

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